Eight - including the nurse - charged with teen's death

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    Boot camp teen's parents: 'It's a good day' - CNN.com
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    Maybe it's just me, but junvenile or not, some of those kids are really big.

    I don't feel sorry for anyone, whether they die or not, when a police officer or other official gives them a simple order to be still and they just want to fight and fight it.

    What was the nurse supposed to do? Tell them to stop? As if they would have listened. It seems he was alive when they took him to the hospital, so how can they say he suffocated?
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yes STOP killing that child is what I would have a said. Stupid me.

    To me, This is HORRIFYING

    And yes, kids are big. Does not mean force to the point of killing them, should be employed.

    Horrifying. My boy is 14 and strapping big .......this broke my heart.

    I could not stand by as a nurse (like that one did) and do nothing.
  5. by   BSNtobe2009
    Ok...I need a nurse to educate me.

    How can someone die of suffocation when they were alive when they were taken to the hospital and not die until the next day?

    I would think that someone would be brain dead first, be on life support, and have to be disconnected, but the article didn't say that. I can see dying of complications resulting from a near suffocation, but the article was vague.
  6. by   rninme
    saw the video on the news.....and it just made me sick.
  7. by   SharonH, RN
    Nurse charged with manslaughter

    A teen's death at a juvenile boot camp has led to a shake-up in Florida's criminal justice system, the resignation of Florida's top law enforcement officer, and now aggravated manslaughter charges for seven former guards and a nurse.

    The nurse, Kristin Anne Schmidt, was expected to have a bond hearing Wednesday. Schmidt's attorney, Jim Appleman, told The News Herald of Panama City that his client was not able to turn herself in until about 11 p.m. Tuesday because she was fulfilling obligations to a Hospice patient.

    I cannot believe that she has not lost her license yet! Florida seems to be pretty lenient in that department. I know people who have had their licences suspended pending investigation for much less.
  8. by   sirI
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  9. by   indigo girl
    I don't see a lot of difference between this case, and what happened to the UCLA student who was tasered recently except that the student survived tasering. It looks like excessive force in both cases, and maybe there were other ways both situations could have been handled without resorting to this kind of force. What is particularly disturbing is that these law enforcement officers are dealing with a population that is frequently defiant. They are juveniles. They act out. There has to be a better way of dealing with them, than this.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm not clear on how he died either. Early in the article it says:

    "As part of the entry process on his first day at the facility, Anderson complained of breathing difficulties while running around a track. He was taken to a hospital and died early the next day."

    Then later it talks about the "take down" and says this:

    "After the incident, he was taken away on a stretcher and died later that day".


  11. by   nuangel1
    well it is horrifying that the kid died the autopsies are very different .the story from link above is confusing because it said at 1 point kid c/o sob with running then says he died at hospital after takedown ,which is it ?and i for one don't think bush should be able to strong arm the staff into being tried ,ie he should stay out of it and let the sx work.
  12. by   UM Review RN
    Actually the first coroner's report came back saying that the kid died of sickle cell trait.

    As if.

    Watch the video. One guard is covering the boy's mouth and another is holding ammonia salts up the boy's nostrils. Where'd the guards get that?
    Was he fighting to get free or fighting to breathe? Eventually the boy slumps and is passed out. Second medical examiner says the boy died from suffocation, probably from the ammonia fumes.

    It's taken nearly a year to get anyone at all charged in this horrible case, and there have already been a couple of threads on it.

    "Let the system work"? So far, it's failed this boy and his family completely.

    Here's the link to the original thread about this news story, with links to the actual video. Warning: it's very hard to watch.
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  13. by   traumaRUs
    Anytime there is a senseless death it is very sad. As the mother of a son who has been in custody and not been cooperative, all I can say is that mother doesn't deserve this.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    watch the video is all you need to do. it's horrendous, simply horrendous.