Edwards works shift as nursing home aide

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    Now, I was not born yesterday. I know this is a publicity stunt. I know that his shift probably wasn't anything like a typical nursing home shift.

    BUT, I appreciate what he's doing here. I wonder how many other candidates for either party have done any manual or hard labor recently, or rubbed elbows with people who have.

    I noticed at the bottom of the article that Graham did this, it stated something like he worked 400 different shifts at different jobs before retiring as a senator. I think that is cool.

    Personally, Edwards isn't someone I was planning on voting for, and unless something drastic changes, I don't plan on changing my mind about that. But I appreciate and respect what he's trying to do here, and I wish all the politicians would do this. I'd love to have Hillary and Tommy Thompson work as my aide for a shift. Could I please request the woman who is incontinent of bloody diarrhea? The man who came in with sores all over his body after being cared for by his developmentally disabled adult son, who didn't know how to navigate the social welfare system and didn't realize that he could get help for his dad? The meth head who has security sitting with him right now? The sweet old farmer who just had a CVA and now can't move his left side at all? The 45 year old who looks 70, who lives under the bridge, hasn't bathed in a decade I'm guessing, and is detoxing hard. I gave that dude 50 of Librium every hour for 10 flipping hours before I could get his CIWA score under 10. And in ER he had a ton of haldol.

    THese are the people I'd love to have on a shift with ANY politician or presidential candidate as my aide.
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  3. by   TemperStripe
    Good for him. I admit that I really like this guy. He also sponsored a bill several years ago that would drastically increase funding for rape crisis centers. He strikes me as an all-around really nice, down-to-earth guy, and I always admire a decent politician who has a little bit of adversity that they aren't waving in everyone's face (i.e. his son who died several years ago.) Now, the day we see our current applying lotion at a nursing home...well, that'll be the day.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    he did something like this during last election, can't exactly remember the work he did

    during the past non-election he has done NOTHING
  5. by   anonymurse
    IIRC, it came out during his last bid that his highly influential pioneering lawsuits against doctors for not performing cesareans in cases where the baby suffered hypoxia-related brain damage in vaginal delivery, purporting the damage would not have occurred had a cesarean been performed, resulted in US doctors performing cesareans more frequently to the point that the US had a vaginal-to-cesarean ratio that was the inverse of Europe's. It was said this is how he made his fortune. I tried hard to google for the article but it's been a while.

    Anyway I smiled when I thought if I were him, in a publicity stunt like this, I'd much rather be an aide on the other side of the age spectrum where I'd be unlikely to run into an OB I'd sued.

    Added: Come to think of it, it was a TV piece, not an online article, I seem to recall it was done by the "give me a break" guy who was contrasting Edwards' life work with his claims of sympathy for folks who couldn't afford health care due to escalating costs.
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