Early show/nursing shortage

  1. The early show just broadcast a great piece on the nursing shortage and mandatory overtime. Very informative!
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  3. by   askater
    Awesome!! I didn't see it though! I'm happy the media's picking up the problem...and airing it!!
  4. by   essarge
    They interviewed nurses in California and NY for this piece and all of the nurses said that overtime/pay was the main cause for the nursing shortage. The doc that interviewed said that the nurse iis the backbone of the health field. The nurse is the one that everyone goes to find out what is going on. Gotta love it!!!
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Don't know what show you guys are referring too but I'll jump in anyway .

    While I believe better pay and no mandatory OT is certainly a big part of the nursing shortage, and rightly so, I also believe what really tipped the scales is the low staffing levels that were maintained for so long in an attempt to appease the 'bottom line' monitors. The combination was just deadly to the profession. Low pay (in relation to workload and responsibility), forced OT, and backbreaking staffing levels...just broke the back of the profession. Very short-sighted management for years and years.
  6. by   askater
    Yes I agree with you. Short staffing has a lot to do with nursing shortage too.