dyson sweeper anyone???

  1. I am about to need a new vaccuum. I was thinking about one of those Dyson sweepers.
    I have read the reviews on Amazon and Target. They seem to be pretty positive. Anyone here own one? Are they worth the money? I have one of the cheap Bissells and it was a good sweeper especially for the money. I just wasn't crazy about the handtool for the furniture, and would love something I could clean the stairs with a little better.
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  3. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I don't know about the dyson, it does look interesting. I personally own just about every product oreck makes and I'm very satisfied. It'll suck the carpet off the floor, lol!
  4. by   ktwlpn
    Our oreck was nice and light for going up stairs but it could not handle the animal hair (4 cats-2 dogs) It came with a portable vac with a strap and attachments that I liked. I was researching on the net and decided on a Hoover-seemed like the attachments are easy.One evening my husband got a visit from a Kirby salesman and now I have a super duper vacuum,shampoo'er,sander and I don't like it...it's too heavy and the attachments are a pain in the butt because you have to take things apart and put it back together to use them.Now I now why so many are sold used on e-bay....However it will suck the nap off of the carpet,the paint off of the wall and the cat off the back of the sofa...I hope I get more comfortable with it because it is going to be around for a long time.....Take advantage of the internet for ratings and prices-try one out in a store and if you like it look for a deal on the net...
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I like my $65 Hoover.
  6. by   gauge14iv
    LOVE my Dyson.
    LOVE it! Never have to touch the dust if I dont want to - I can wash the innards with soap and water in the bathtub once in awhile. The canister and all. The filters are washable so you dont have to buy new ones very often. (Mine are 2 years old and still going strong) Easy to empty. Very very powerful.

    Only one thiing I dont like about it - the edge doesnt fit under cabinets - you have to use the hose to get under the edges of the cabinets. But honestly thats the ONLY thing that bugs me about it.

    I got mine from one of the bed & bath chain stores. They mailed me a coupon good for 20% off of any item. So I used it to take 20% off my Dyson Animal!
  7. by   babynurselsa
    This week target is giving back a $100 gift card if you purchase a dyson. I think I may also have one of those 20% coupons from BB&B. I will have to compare.
    With the 2 dogs, 3 cats + the crumb monsters. Little man has enviromentally induced asthma type sx. I noticed we totally resolved them last year by shampooeing the carpets. I want something that will keep the allergens down.
    thanks for the input. I will shop around for the best deal.
  8. by   gauge14iv
    I also bought a Hoover Deep V wide path steam vac and floor mate - I love those too!!! All of them are great for folks who have allergies.

    Another suggestion for those with allergies? A steam buggy - a small cart on wheels that holds a gal or two of water and has a hose that lets you blast it out - gets rid of mold and mildew like nobodys business without chemicals - just water! Amazon has a McCullogh model that I really like. The thing will strip the paint right off the baseboards if you hold it in one place too long, and works great on toilets etc too - again - no chemicals - it just steam sterilizes everything in its path.
  9. by   mercyteapot
    I don't know anything about a Dyson, but I ''inherited'' a Rainbow vac and absolutely adore it. It is heavy and cumbersome, but it does a great job.
  10. by   rninme
    Still have my Fantom.....don't know what I'll buy when it finally goes....have had it since they first came out....and they aren't made anymore. Can't buy belts for it....and I am on my last one. Had a Kirby....and I gave it away!! Like wrestling a bear with an attitude.
  11. by   Katnip
    I have a Dyson Animal. The purple one.

    I LOVE it. It's the best vacuum I've ever had. And I've killed many. We have pets and the Dyson keeps up with them. It's over a year old and acts like it's new. Difficult to jam the thing too, unlike any of my old ones.

    Yes, it's expensive but it's been worth it.
  12. by   RGN1
    I LOVE my Dyson here in the UK & will definitely get one when we come to the USA! Can't bear all that messing around with bags & stuff & with it's washable filter there's nothing else you have to buy for it pretty much ever!! It cleans hard floor & carpet, reaches to the top of the stairs from the bottom it's great.

    If you want a down side it's a bit heavy to carry up stairs but in our Florida home we won't have to be lugging it up & down stairs so not an issue. Here I have 2 flights of stairs so I got the cylinder version rather than the upright but it's still weightier than other models.
  13. by   jrbl77
    i love my dyson animal sweeper. i have a white dog that sheds-bad. it is amazing all the hair that his vacuum picks up. the best part is i had a problem and called and a real person answered the phone and helped me.:wink2:
  14. by   cariad
    the dyson is very popular in the uk, theres all sorts and colours, one especially to reduce allergens and even a pink one that dyson donates money to breast cancer research if you bought that one.
    after using one you wouldnt go back to an ordinary carpet cleaner,,,,,,also known as the hoover in the uk.
    one of those words that has been adopted by the brits, because hoover was the make that was most popular a long time ago.