DVR/VCR Alert - Discovery Channel features the land Down Under

  1. Discovery Channels new and acclaimed "Atlas" series will feature Austrailia next week. Sunday at 9pm. This week is Brazil.
    Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed

    One of earth's youngest nations with one of its oldest indigenous populations, Australia is a land of contrasts. The country is a captivating mix of desolation and riches, from the harsh life of the outback in its interior to the welcoming, fertile lands of its coastline.

    Premieres October 22 at 9pm
    October 23 at 3am and 2pm; October 24 at 10pm; October 28 at 2pm; October 29 at 8am; November 2 at 9pm; and November 3 at midnight, 5am, and 10am
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  3. by   kukukajoo
    Someday I plan on seeing OZ! Maybe even working there- who knows.
  4. by   gwenith
    Hey! You can't beat it!! Like they say America might be God's own country but Australia is where he goes for a holiday!!

    I truly love my country - it is so unique. Natives are pretty friendly too
  5. by   kukukajoo
    I used to date a guy from Northern Queensland and had a few clients there when I did international sales (cane Toads, lol!).

    One year three of his brothers came over for Motorcycle week and I have never had so much fun in my life! Not only were they all hotter than he was, they were just a great bunch to party with! So smart and hardworking but when they let got going, damn!

    "He" used to say Americans are to Aussies like English are to Americans- meaning you guys are way less uptight and laidback than us here!

    A coworkers uncle moved there 25 yrs ago and his cousins are livin the high life- one owns a surf shop and another a pub!! What a way to live!