DUH...do people think???

  1. Just thought i would share this with you guys to see if you understand where my concern was. i work in a hospital renal/med/surg area. I have a patient load of 6 with several of them going to hemodialysis. Well...one of patients was due back and the nurse from dialysis called to give report. She was reporting and said...."and she also seemed to have a panic attack." I replied..."did you do anything for her such as meds/nebs?" She said..."No, I called the MD and he said this was her normal behavior. So I just put the head of the bed up." Now...after i picked my mouth up off the ground because this patient has PRN xanax for anxiety and also the MD has standing orders for agitation/anxiety for ativan....I just didn't know what to say. For some reason a few of these nurses don't quite think the same way that I do. I mean seriously....would you just let your patient sit there and do nothing while they were having SOB and anxiety?? She already had O2 going...so it seems to me she shouldve thought beyond that...right??
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    it would have been helpful if the md told the nurse to give her one of her prn meds. it would have also been common sense to try and reassure the patient. do the patients go out to dialysis with their med sheets?? any patient i've ever sent out, the dialysis nurses had no idea what the patient was on for meds. we were just instructed on what to give and not give before tx....plus wouldn't they be concerned about hypotension with either of these prns?
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Seems she wasn't paying attention or you were too busy to give a complete report. That would be a start.

    Some people just don't think well all the time. We nurses are expected to when on duty.