Dude...I got a Dell!!

  1. I got my new computer today and I am SO happy! My old one just crapped out and we had to wait a little while for Dell to build us this new one, but it was sure worth the wait!! We got a 20 inch flat screen monitor which I LOVE!!! I don't know all the specifics (hubby's into those things) but I know this thing is F-A-S-T!!

    I'm also glad to be able to come here and chat with you guys again...I've missed ya! I've been somewhat lost without my allnurses friends to talk with and vent to. I hope you've all been doing well while I was gone!!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I love my Dell laptop.
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome Back!!! I have one of those Dell's with the big screen as well. Actually, I'm on my second Dell because rather than upgrade, we just got a new one. A year later so far so good. Enjoy.
  5. by   phn92
    I've had my Dell for three years! Have had some problems with it, but had help each time to resolve it! I upgraded from Windows Me to Windows XP and it's been working great ever since! I was so proud of myself that I did it and got along fine!!! I would definitely get another Dell in the future!
  6. by   dianah
    WOOT! Good for you! DH's computer "died" the other day so he ran out and bought another CPU for his and for ours (the kids' and my computer, joint-operated ), plus more memory. They're definitely faster! I have come to really appreciate computers (and DH, who maintains them! ).
  7. by   jnette
    Whoooooooot !!! I love my Dell and flatscreen, too ! But mine is a smaller flatscreen... which I prefer for my use.

    Sure am glad to see you back ! I was WONDERING where you were...

    Welcome home !
  8. by   warrior woman
    Welcome back Her Eyes!!! Missed ya bunches!!
  9. by   Angelica
    Dell computers are great as long as you don't have to call customer service. My Dell came with a defective keyboard. All of the keys worked, except for the space bar. When I called customer service I was connected with a lady in India. Her english was good, but she was clueless. She insisted I reboot and unplug/replug my computer!! What a nimrod :uhoh21: After much frustration she agreed to send me a new keyboard, which is all I wanted in the first place. Problem solved.
  10. by   warrior woman
    Probably part of the outsourcing of jobs to India from this country that was the cause of your difficulty. And that's all I'm gonna say about THAT!!
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    Thanks for the 'welcome backs'. I'm glad to be back! So far, so good with the Dell. Our last one was a Gateway and I don't think I'd go Gateway again. We had a lot of problems with it.