Duckie needsour prayers STAT!!!!

  1. Hello my friends. Just got an e-mail from Duckie. We've become real close friends over these last few months,and she's helped me through a lot of the rough times as have ALL OF YOU. I need you to gather around our Allnurses sister as her heart is extremely heavy because of her own mom's declining health. Her mom has Alzheimer's ,and is in extreme pain due to degenerating dics in her spine. Pain meds aren't even touching the pain her mom is suffering. She and her dad have consulted with specialists but it doesn't look promising. Duckie is just being totally ripped apart by this,and she needs to feel all of our love support and prayers for her. I know how bad these feelings can hurt as all of you know. So please PLEASE let her know how much we all love her and care about her. Thank you my wonderful,loving friends. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   WalMart_ADN
    love you girl.
    praying everything turns around for you and your family.
  4. by   st4304
    Duckie, my prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there.

  5. by   ucavalpn
    Duckie , my prayers are with you and your Mom.
  6. by   moonchild20002000
    My prayers are with you and your family. I know how hard it is for you all to go through this,just know that we care and are here for you!
  7. by   Lausana
    Saying prayers for you, your mom & dad today, Duckie...hang in there.

  8. by   Brownms46

    My heart goes out to you, your mom, and your family... I can't not even begin to imagine the pain, and sorrow that you all are facing.. I pray right now...that your mom would have peace and be free from the pain that consumes her. I understand I went thru a time...when I couldn't seem to get away from it. Everyday is difficult....and your thoughts grow darker with each monent of the day. But the Lord was able to deliver me from the pain, and give me new life. I pray that your mom will see the same relief....and that you're able to find peace until that time. I believe in prayer...and I believe that the fervent prayer of others availest much! I speak strength, joy and peace into your lives, and most of all health... I await the news of praise for what He has done...because He cares for you all....
  9. by   duckie
    I have to admit that when I saw this post I cryed. It is so good to know that people really do care when times get hard. Yes, I am hurting deeply for my MaMa. Her Alzheimers is progressing rapidly and the MRI just showed that her disc's are all breaking down and out of alignment. The doctor told my Dad that no pain pill he could give her would take away her pain. Daddy had his hands full before because my 4' 11" mother is a time bomb when she gets mad, which she never did till Alzheimers took over. Now she throws things and basically throws temper tantrums. Dad has to do everything for her now and I see life getting much harder for him. They are going to see a surgeon but I am not holding much hope for help, I just pray they can ease her pain because he says all she wants to do is sit, which is natural when you hurt that badly. Now she's not eating. This is the thing that angers me....Mom has always watched her weight, exercized, took vitamins and minerals to help build up her body, ate right and gave up cigarettes 25 years ago....for what, to die like this, out of her head and in agony. Please don't take this wrong but I would rather that my Lord take her home where she could be free of her suffering than to continue to watch her pain and see the blank look in her eyes as her family is around her and she doesn't remember them. My Mom gave her heart to God years ago, so I know her next life will not have the pain and suffering. I know there are many other people that are in the same boat that I am with a loved one, I am not special but I certainly know their pain and as much as it would hurt me to loose her, I would gladly watch her go to Jesus. Most likely she will end up in a wheel chair soon and maybe this will encourage my Dad's decision to get some help with her and I have told him eventually he cannot continue to handle this and he will have to place her somewhere else where she can be cared for. I don't want the stress to take both my parents from me. Well, thanks for listening and thank you with all my heart for your prayers and thoughts. By the way, Warrior Woman, I love you!!!!
  10. by   JailRN
    :kiss Duckie

    ((((HUGS))) to you and your parents. Can't imagine how hard this is for all. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers.
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    (((((duckie))))), i will keep your mom, dad and of course you, in my prayers. keep the faith!
  12. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    (((HUGS))) for you and your family Duckie
    I will keep you in my prayers :kiss
  13. by   night owl
    Duckie, my friend, I know the pain you feel with your mom for I have gone that route. I was lucky enough that the good Lord did finally take her to be with him.
    I'll pray that God will give you, your dad, your husband and most of all, your mom the strength to get through all of this, and you will with his love and ours. I will also pray that he will grant you peace, the peace which you so deserve. Take care of YOU my friend. :kiss

    PS. PM me any time...I'm always here for ya. Oh and here's a BIG hug from me...

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  14. by   Robin61970
    (((((((HUGS)))))))) to you and I believe you are right in your thinking. It is at this point that it would be easier for the family if the lord went ahead and took your mom rather than the suffering she and your family are going through......HUGS to all of you!!!