Drug ad spoof (BWAHAHAHA!!!)

  1. My guts hurt after reading this one...

    MERD | Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)

    "Do not taunt PANEXA."

    <<laughing so hard I am CRYIN over here!>>
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  3. by   dianah

    TOO FUNNY!!!
  4. by   PurrRN
    :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

    Thanks!!! Too funny!!!
  5. by   UM Review RN

    Muscle: In a small number of tested cases (84%) PANEXAwas found to cause abdominal wall muscle breakdown coupled with spasmodic activity in lower back/spinal muscles, resulting in most patients violently bending forward like a book slamming shut.
    I'm laughing too hard; this can't be good for me.

    I need a Panexa!
  6. by   sunnyjohn

    PANEXA has been known in a few cases (0.0087%) to cause Excessively Floppy Tail Syndrome (EFTS). If you are a squirrel, and suspect you may be suffering from EFTS, immediately call the Hotline at 1-800-867-5309

  7. by   WickedRedRN

    OMG..this is HILARIOUS!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. by   Roy Fokker
  9. by   dianah
    Too funny (and at the same time, sad), Roy!
  10. by   gauge14iv
    the picture at the top of the page cracks me up, the whole thing is just funny.

    I just can't imagine how much fun they had writing this one up!
  11. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I like this line from the message to consumers:
    Furthermore, recent inquiries regarding certain side effects of some of our most-loved and popular products, including PanexaTM(Acidachrome Promanganate), should only be given the attention and respect one would grant to any group of thousands of overly sensitive hypochondriacs who seem incapable of following the simplest of directions. How the members of this putative "class-action suit" ever even managed to open the bottles in question remains a continual source of amazement to our legal department.

    Roy, I love the tequila clip!
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Roy - oh my gosh that was hilarious and so true (unfortunately) to life.

    My dh and I listened to it and sent it on to our almost 22 year old son. He is VERY SHY and has mentioned alcohol helps.

    Which is wrong, in so many ways.

  13. by   AmyB
    Those were both AWESOME!!! I laughed my head off!
  14. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    ONE QUESTION...................

    Who do I contact if I think I am a squirrel???????

    Eyes/senses: everything you think you see becomes a Tootsie Roll to you