DRIVING MISS MANDI!!! I am scared to death, but I am going to do it.

  1. I do not feel in anymeans ready to drive . . . driving will potentially be a death sentance for me. I would have to drive on the worlds windiest road until I move closer to work and school.

    I feel pressured to do this, but I have made up my mind that I will do this (reluctantly). Anyways I got some questions . . . a whole list reguarding California drivers licenses.

    Ok, I have done the written part of my drivers training, but no behind the wheel training. How much behind the wheel training is there?

    Ok, I'm almost 17 1/2 When I can apply for a provisional permit. Now the purpose of me going out of my way to do this is so that my parents wont have to take me to work and back. I have no other life, seriously, so under a provisional lpermit, will I be able to take myslef to work and back, 20 miles and back, without my parents in the car with me for the first damn 6 months like on a regular permit?

    How long would it take me to get a provisoinal permit? and if I do have to have my parents with me, for how long?

    Is there any alternatives where I CAN take myslelf places?

    ANY help is appriciated.
    thanks for listening
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Mandi - I don't know the answer to your questions - just want to say - you can do this! I'd suggest asking your parents to take you out to a local college or high school parking lot (think big) on a Sunday (no traffic) and just let you drive the car around, practice turning, stopping, backing, parking, until you feel more comfortable. This is how I taught my son to drive a stick shift.
  4. by   l.rae
    Mandi, it's good that you have a healthy respect for driving....most your age do not. I think you will do fine...l don't know about California laws though...take care...LR
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I don't know Calif. laws but here in NM My daughter has her permit. She must drive 50 hours (10 of them at night) with a parent or gaurdian. After that she gets her provisional license in which she must drive another 50 hours (10 at night) with a licensed driver over 21.
    After that she can get her regular license without restriction.
    She has been doing well. Driving in the city and on the interstate.

    Edited to add that it helps that I have been letting her drive for the last 3 years already.
  6. by   tattooednursie
    thank you bagladyRN, l.rae, and rustyhammer. I appriciate your input.

    I have another question to add. When does driving become easy?
  7. by   sharann
    When does driving become easy?

    When you are in the passengers seat, giving directions!
  8. by   Tweety
    You Go Girl!!!!!! I'm proud of you.
  9. by   Nurse Ratched
    You'll be fine, Mandi! (I never drove until I was 24!)
  10. by   studentOH
    Mandi: I despise driving after 7 years of it...and I have to do it everyday. Some tips:

    --PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Get out there and practice every chance you get...also helpful advice if you ever want to learn a manual transmission.

    --Keep the radio low and don't take friends around when you first start driving. New drivers are very easily distracted once they get the hang of it, and cars can be dangerous if you're not watching where you're going.

    --Get comfortable during the day before you start driving at night. Don't know about California, but here it's hard to see the lines at night--especially if it's raining!!

    Above all, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT each and every time. Between my class and the class ahead of me we lost 11 teens in car accidents--not a single one of them had a belt on.

    You'll get used to it, and be able to driving without panicking. I don't like it but it doesn't scare me anymore. My goal is to eventually live in a city where I won't have to have a car! Good luck!!

  11. by   JonRN
    I grew up on a farm, started driving tractors at 5 or 6, never knew anything but driving. Point is, hang in there, you will soon start to enjoy it and wonder how you did without it. So much more convenient, and fun besides. Good luck to you Mandi.
  12. by   kristi915
    I've had my license for about 4 months now. I had my permit for about a year, only because I didn't feel I was ready to go out on my own just yet. I failed my license test the first time and sent right back in for another try. I got it my second time. I feel very comfortable driving. I'm usually driving to the same places all the time. I drive 3 miles to school, 7 miles to work and 10 miles to my boyfriends house. Occasionally I will go to the city and I do fine.

    I usually talk to myself turn the radio off and try to concentrate on what is going on around me. Try to be aware of what is going on around you, pay attention to other drivers, and to how you are doing.

    I'm sure you'll do fine Mandi.

  13. by   mrsharris81
    I know this post is a zillion years old but ...How is your driving now?...lol
  14. by   Spidey's mom
    My kids started on a farm very young too and so did I - driving around a huge horse arena for me! We started with stick shifts.

    Please do take some professional driving lessons. Here in California you must have some behind the wheel training. All my kids took classes in a city nearby so they would learn about more than rural driving.

    It does take some time for it to be "second nature" or "easy". But you should always be a good defensive driver and not get distracted. No cell phones, no texting, no loud music with girls chatting, etc.

    Good luck and I know you'll be able to do it!