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  1. How much coffee does everybody drink at work?

    Personally i like the French Roast, drink about 4 cups for a normal 3-11 shift about 8 if i stay till 3 am. Oddly i don't drink it out side of work.
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  3. by   CEN35
    well depends, most nights 1 cup and run run run. If it's slow.......I need more to keep me aroused. If I stay late like last night, probably 2-4.

    At home 0->1 a day.

  4. by   CC NRSE
    COFFEE!!! YUCK!!!!

    Don't touch the stuff myself. I've tried. Just don't like the taste. If I need a caffine high, I just drink a mountaindew!!!

    I've heard lot of people say they only drink it at work.
  5. by   neonnurse

    Coffee, yucky! I have to be close to being in a coma before I drink coffee. It just affects me weird, I get all shaky and its kind of embarassing when I'm starting an IV. Soda doesn't affect me in the least, so I'll stick with that. Starbucks can keep their fluffy coffee!
  6. by   Jenny P
    I love coffee, but found that the stuff at work is really toxic--- it causes both PVC's and bladder spasms for me. I can drink it at home (we buy the expensive good stuff-Gevalia) and I can drink it when I'm at meetings or eating out; but that hospital coffee is not good for me at all anymore. Since I no longer drink it at work, I now only drink about 1-3 cups of coffee per week.
  7. by   Doey
    I usually drink about 2 cups. But Jenny I know what you're talking about. One night I started my shift with a cup during report. I finished about half of it then came out to begin the night from hell. I was running all over the place like a madwoman. Everytime I would come back to the desk to call a doc or something I would take a sip. In the mean time our secretary, seeing how crazed we were would keep refilling my cup. I never noticed that the darn thing was never empty. Much later as things slowed down and got under control, I was sitting charting and noticed that I was having palpitations and that I had been having them for awhile. Now that I had stopped running and could pay attention it was becoming pretty annoying. So I put myself on the monitor and WOW big huge PVCs rolling by. I was having runs of bigeminy. Of course I stopped drinking coffee and as my body slowed down they gradually went away. Never did that again!! Plus I didn't have time to go to the BR so my bladder was on the verge of rupture.
    It is kind of funny though, I rarely drink coffee outside of work either.
  8. by   Cafe
    I'm known for keeping the pot going with fresh coffee but most of the time I am to busy to finish my cup. I get back to it finally and it is cold. So I guess I actually drink maybe 3-4 cups a shift. Days off I drink about 3. They joke about it at work (my making the coffee for everyone), that finally someone said if you come in with a GI bleed, we'll let you pick which room you want!!!! Heck, I never get to drink as many cups as I pour for myself!!!
  9. by   sharann
    I love coffee! I don't OD on it though.Usually have 2 cups of brewed coffee during a 12 hr shift.Occasionally 3 but rarely is there time for 3! Off work, 1 or 2 cups max.The hospital supplies us real strong coffee...you know to keep the staff "on our toes".
  10. by   lpnandloveit1
    coffee is my reason for living. I drink 4 cups at work and 3-4 cups at home. I work nights in homecare so I am alone between treatments. I even visit web site dedicated to coffee. I grind my own whole beans and have ( and use) a cappicino maker
  11. by   Jenny P
    Doey, your response just cracked me up! That secretary was out to kill you with kindness on that night; and did you ever tell her how close she came to doing it? LOL!
  12. by   Q.
    Ever since college - LOVE coffee.

    I try to limit it to one cup a day, usually in the AM with my hubby before work if possible - that's our dedicated quiet time that we try to fit in w/ each other. I do get caffeine withdrawal headaches alot though. For the rest of day I drink Coke ALOT.

    Otherwise at work? I don't drink it really. I actually steal cranberry juices from the refrigerator at work and down those - especially during pushing for 2-3 hours with a patient, or right after a delivery.
  13. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by lpnandloveit1:
    coffee is my reason for living. I drink 4 cups at work and 3-4 cups at home. I grind my own whole beans and have (and use) a cappicino maker
    Yup, this is me too. Of course, I'm from Seattle, so it's required by law. I was very happy that the hospital I went to work in after graduation had just put in an in-house espresso bar (this was 13 years ago,so they weren't that common then)so I could get my daily fix. We were always sending people on unit coffee runs.

    I try to limit myself to the equivalent of 4 cups per day--but I also get withdrawal headaches if it gets too late in the day and I haven't had any yet.

  14. by   ClariceS
    Really like coffee but keep it as a treat for myself once or twice a week at a coffee house (YAY Starbucks!!!). I did the caffeine overdose thing once. I had drank a really strong cup of coffee and then was absently crunching on "buzz beans" (chocolate covered coffee beans). Had the palpitations, the sore kidneys and the bladder spasms for about 6 hours!! My back literally ached from the assault on my kidneys. I generally start the day with "my coffee" - diet coke - but that only has about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.