Dreams and Nightmares....

  1. When I was younger, I used to have vivid and weird dreams, in color, lots of details, almost nightly. Now, not sure if it is the BP med, or age, or whatever, but I don't dream as much anymore, so when I do, it's an "event."

    Last night I had a nightmare! Dreampt I was in renal failure (who knows why??), and they had to put me on dialysis, and put in an AV Fistula. I had no veins that were usable (Weird, b/c I do have good veins,) so they told me they would have to make an AV Fistula using an artery and vein in my face!! I was freaked out! I allowed the surgery, but then I wouldn't let them stick those huge needles in my face, that was when I insisted I have a permacath placed (Why didn't I think of that in the first place, right?!) Then I asked to have it inserted under general b/c I was so panicked. Last thing I remember before I woke up was resisting the doc who I had worked with in the past, who didn't believe in local anesthesia, shoving the huge bore catheter into my jugular.....

    Woke up so freaked!! Couldn't fall back to sleep. I hate this b/c usually I have cool dreams, and rarely nightmares. The last really freaky nightmare I had was when American hostages were being held by Iran, and I dreampt my 15 mo old son and I were held hostage and he was separated from me, when he was given back to me, he had a surgical dressing on his little chest! I think that was the worst nightmare I ever had.

    What was your best dream? (I can't tell you the best, so many really cool & weird ones) Worst nightmare? Or, freakiest premonition??
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  3. by   cmggriff
    My worst nightmare came one morning while I was in the Gulf.
    I dreamed my daughter was being held hostage and she was being hurt. I awoke in wuite a state.
    My best one I cannot desribe in a family forum. Gary
  4. by   CEN35
    but i will get back to you on it me
  5. by   tattoochick
    I had the freakiest dream last night. I was by myself in the middle of some ocean and there was war going on all around me. There was fire and bullets and planes diving into the ocean all over the place, but I wasn't scared of being hit. Instead a boy in a Freddy Krugger costume was chasing me, and we were running through this obstacle coarse or something on the ocean. For some reason I was terrified of him and not of the chaos around me! In the end it turned out to be a big joke and when he caught me, he just got up and left. Weird! Psychoanalyze that one!
  6. by   hoolahan
    OK, this is my most profound dream ever.

    I had just had my second child, my dtr. Unlike my son she was a "good" baby, slept well, ate well, rarely cried.(She's making up for all that now ). Anyway, here I was, two babes, 19 months apart, tired as a rag, b/c my son still got up at 5 in the am, I was working nights PT, but may not have been back to work yet even. Husband was working rotating shifts, and he was tired as a rag, and offered me NO help whatsoever. I guess deep down inside I was regretting ever having my second child, and definitely having two so close in age, both still in diapers, my son nearing the terrible twos, I was just exhausted. I was also on this emotional roller coaster, hormones etc, thinking how I loved my son so very very much, how would I ever have enough love to give to her as well, would I ever feel that same kind of profound deep love for her, which to be honest, I wasn't feeling, despite the fact she was such an easy baby.

    So I have this dream. I am walking Kristy in the stroller down a street to a home on the bottom of a hill. I am going to a baby shower for someone else. God knows why, but in my dream, I decided to leave her in the stroller outside. No one else seemed to think it was odd at the shower. A little while later someone said it's starting to rain. It took me a few seconds to realize, Whoops! Better get the baby. Just as I am walking toward the stroller, a tidal wave comes rolling down the street and sweeps us away. Kristy is bobbing up and down, her head going under and back up from the water, I can't touch the bottom anymore. I keep trying to reach her, but she is just out of reach. I am suddenly desperate to get to her, and I reached as far as I could and just managed to grab her little arm before she was about to go under for the last time.

    I woke up heart pounding, went right to that bassinet, grabbed that baby, held her close, and realized how wrong I was to have ever felt this way about her. And how I really did have that deep profound love for her, and I would never have a problem sharing my love with both of my children.
  7. by   kaycee
    I know we all dream but I never really remembered them until my mom died.
    Her death was rather sudden and I never got a chance to say goodbye. Almost all dreams I remember now have my mom in them as if she were never gone. Maybe that's subconsciuosly my way of keeping her with me. I do frequently wake up sad though. Another recurring dream I've had is that I am pregnant and sometimes I have the baby and sometimes I don't. These started after my husband had a vasectomy and when I was in my early 40's. It seems that the things that are so final in my life is what I dream about. Does this happen to anyone else?
  8. by   aimeee
    A few months ago my ancient calico cat finally passed away. She got very cachexic and pitiful near the end and I hated seeing her like that but I felt strongly that she needed to die a natural death. On her last night I went to bed knowing that she was dying. During the night I dreamed that I went downstairs in the morning to find her whole and well, her coat glossy and sleek as it used to be, and she was sleeping in a patch of sunlight. When I went to her she got up and stretched and went to the door to go out. That was the whole dream.

    I know many people don't believe animals have souls, but I felt that she came to me in my dream to say "It's okay, I'm all better now and I always will be." Whether it is true or not, I find it comforting to believe it.
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  9. by   bagladyrn
    The most vivid dream I ever had occured about 14 yrs ago. I dreamed that I was dead, but still had to go to my job every day, come home and do the housework, etc. Of course, no one realized I was there doing all this,since I was dead and they couldn't see me. I woke up extremely p.o.'d that I was going to have to do this s**t for eternity. Right after this, I quit my job and moved across the country. Apparently, my subconscious subscribes to the theory of using the 2x4 to get the mule's attention.
  10. by   JJFROG
    This is definately not profound, but I have always wondered what the heck I was thinking! In my dream I had a candy cane growing out of my thigh!! I would break it off and it would grow right back!! What do you think?
  11. by   hoolahan
    OK, I am clearly not the only one with some wild dreams.

    JJ, a candy cane??!! LMAO!!!!!!!! I'm not sure the best shrink in the world could figure that one out!!

    Baglady, your dream also cracked me up, you poor thing! You even had to work when you were dead!! Now that dream was definitely telling you something!!

    Aimee, of course animals have souls!! I am sure of it!!

    Tattoo...that one is in the same category as JJ's! , Maybe it's been the talk of war on TV accountable for some of it though, but Freddy Kreuger??

    cmggrif, that is why I think I had my "hostage" dream, definitely was everything I was seeing on TV. I see something, and have a dream about it about a week later, it must stay in my subconscious.

    Kaycee, I think that's cool you figured out the connection.

    I have had one premonition dream that I can remember. I had to do a portfolio for Regents for part of my BSN. It worked on it for such a long time, and I really thought it was going to pass with flying colors. I even sent it in on Nurses Day for good luck. That night I had a dream that all the instructors were siting around a table reviewing my portfolio, each one took a big stamper, with a red ink pad as stamped in huge caps "REJECTED". Guess what? It was rejected!!! I had to re-do over half of it to get it to pass. And deep in my heart, after that dream I knew I would get bad news. I hate that!!

    Rick....we're waiting.....
  12. by   nurs4kids
    I'm relieved that I'm not the only mother to have the type dream you described. My kids are 14 months apart, and I went through the same exact emotions you described. My dream didn't occur until my son was about 14 months old, but it scared the $hit out of me. By the time I had this dream, I was way past the "will I love him like I do her? can I equally love two? can I handle two babies at the same time? oh my god, what if i forget and leave him in the carseat?" phases. He won my heart very quick. I wish this dream HAD been earlier on, I wouldn't have tried to psycho analyze myself so much. In my dream, me and my hubby (who also worships the ground our son walks on), carried him out in the woods and left him. I think he was in a bag, blanket..something (I tried to forget the dream as quick as i could). Throughout the dream, I kept thinking my parent's were on their way to my trailer (I've never lived in a trailer in my life! go figure?) to see the kids. I kept fearing how mad they were going to be when they found out what we'd done. Finally somewhere in the dream, my maternal instincts kicked in, and DEEEEP down I was hurting..missing my baby. As we left to go get him, I feared the worst. I woke up before we got to him. Woke in tears, ran to his room and snatched my sleeping son out of his crib and hugged him tightly. He awakened, looked at me like I was crazy. My daughter entered the room and began scolding me for "waking my bubba up in the middle of the night". I hugged her too.
    After deep analysis, I came to a few conclusions. I was had taken a Darvocet that night prior to going to bed (just had oral surgery, narcotics have never been kind to me) AND I had felt some guilt over the questions I'd had early on in his life. I'm also very defensive of him because some of my family makes a big difference in my two kids. That had been bugging me pretty bad and I'd discussed it with my Mom earlier that week.
    Ugh, I think I'll go hug my kids..
  13. by   nurs4kids
    Now, here's one I never figured out. As a child, this dream was reoccuring. I was a chubby child ( I say WAS as if I'm now a size 10..lol). I grew up in the country and our yard was surrounded by pastures, fenced off by barbed wire. In this dream, a car, the same car, was chasing me through my yard. My little fat butt just couldn't seem to get away from it. In every dream, just as the car would get me cornered between it and the fence...just before it hit me, I'd awaken. The car looked exactly like the car driven by those guys in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. I'm alot older than the show...don't believe I'd ever seen a car like this before.

    Never figured this one out.
  14. by   hoolahan
    N4K, I am also relieved to hear someone else felt that way. If we did, there are probably many many more moms who did too.

    I had a nightmare before my son was born that when I went back to work I forgot about him and left him in the carseat in the parking lot at work, and everyone was talking about what a bad mother I was in the hospital.

    I wonder what that car dream is about?! That is curious.

    I wish I still had my cool dreams, like I said , not too often any more.