Dreading going back to work

  1. edited because I feel better now!

    Still hate lazy ER docs though.
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  3. by   kaycee
    Originally posted by 2ndCareerRN
    So, here is my plan. I am going in to see the NM in the morning with a list. I will only work with this chump if necessary. I will not pre-order any labs for him. Will do EKG's and start lines on Chest Pains, will draw the blood and send to lab but not order till pt evalualated by doc. Will call him every 3 minutes for 15 minutes and then send security to get him. Will not go out of my way to help him in any way. And, if she does not support me 100% she can find a new whipping boy for those 12hr night shifts..which we can't cover now! I will not jepoardize my license because of this guy.

    I work in a similar size ED and have worked with a few similar sounding lazy a$$ docs. Go with your plan. Do not stray! Also report these incidents to the ED director. Tell them(NM & Director) if this situation is not corrected you will start telling the pt's exactly why they are waiting and they can deal with all the nasty letters to administration. Make sure the other nurses with you are williing to stick to the plan and back you up in every way.
    After enough complaints in my experience either the doc improved(rare) or they weren't employed there much longer.
    Then go play 18 and have a nice day!

    PS hope everything goes ok with your wife
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    Also report these incidents to the ED director.

    He is the ED director!!!

    Many times the pt is aware of why it is taking so long. Part of my D/C instructions is a comment card with the NM's business card attached to it.

    Oh, I do plan on organizing the other night nurses to my way of dealing with this chump.