1. Why can't things be easy? I'm in the first semester of clinicals along with my sister and gf of 9 months. Its been stressful enough. Then today, I went to sit down for lunch (I usually eat with my gf), she was in line so I sat with my sister who said she was saving seats for her friends who usually sit there. I'm like ok I won't be long. My gf and her friend come over and sit down and again my sister says shes saving the seats. My gf says I won't be long. Well, we were almost done and the other girls come over and my gf and her friend gets up an moves. My gf then moves a chair over to the table and says "how hard was that"? My sis heard her and went over and got in her face and said you have a very bad attitude (very loudly and repeated herself twice) and said "you won't be my brothers gf if I have anything to do with it". My gf did'nt really respond (I know she could kick my sisters ass if she wanted). I did'nt say anything and moved over to my gf table after a few seconds. Both of them are very outspoken and have a temper and my gf does have spells when she is kind of hard to get along with, but you just have to know how to take her and that shes under alot of stress. Should I just let it go? Not sure if I should apologize to my gf for my sis behavior or not. This will probly hurt any chance of our first family gettogether over the holidays. Any advice?
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  3. by   casey12873
    why apologize to either of them? Seems to me it wasn't your fault, and that they were the ones to behave badly. The holidays are far enough away that probably all of this will have blown over and have been forgotten by then. Try to stay neutral....
  4. by   sirI
    Personal issue...non-nursing related. Moved to Break Room.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    We have to learn to choose our battles wisely because we do not have enough energy to address every little thing. I would just take this argument with a grain of salt and forget about it. With time and grace things tend to smooth out. I would also allow things to take their natural course.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    "why can't things be easy"?

    Because, LIFE is not easy.

    Take it one problem, one day, one issue, at at time. And as the wise poster above me said, "pick your battles carefully"!