Don't know whether I'm on foot or horseback

  1. Well I finally did it this week. I think I've broken my internal clock. If I thought that things were bad when I was working seven-in-a-row nights, it's gotten worse since I went part time. When to sleep? When to be awake? When to take my medication? Picking up a night shift here or there is is really messing me up. I'm tempted to stay up during the day cause I'm climbing the walls having nobody to talk to in the middle of the night. And nothing to do, for some reasons my neighbors don't like it when I vaccumm at 3 in the morning. The nerve!

    Going squirrley.

    Who can relate to this? What do you do to keep sane.
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Take a nap my dear, take a nap.
    And who cares what your neighbours think.
    Vacume (how the heck do you spell that word?)
    whenever you want.
  4. by   Tweety
    That's what's nice about owning a home. Now I can vacuum and do what I want at all hourse of the night. And I do keep crazy hours. Night shift will definately mess you up.
  5. by   Wolfpax
    Vvaaccuumm !!! I'll have you know there are LIVING creatures in that dust... how dare you... now forget about it all... pour yourself something you like and eventually... when the dustbunnies become of age you can train them to clean the house
  6. by   adrienurse
    when the dustbunnies become of age you can train them to clean the house

    :chuckle That's the most brilliant plan I've ever heard!!
  7. by   karenG
    just have to ask- how long does it take a dust bunny to come of age...........and do you think british ones differ from american ones?? just wondered...............

  8. by   gwenith
    Darn! Tried that with the dust bunnies but after a while they went feral and started attacking the neighbours. When tehy threatened ME with eviction I decided I could avoid the inevitable no longer and I (sob!) Vacuuumed!!!

    Though to be honest I had to fend teh bunnies off with a chair in one hand while I held the vacuum in the other
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  9. by   Wolfpax
    Well the bunnies become full grown at 6 months, but they have a slow maturity cycle, they remain adolescents for a good two to three years and then they start to clam down, they can have the same personality of a pit bull, overall playful, not aware of their strength, but if you treat them properly and give them a job to do they tend to leave the neighbors and their domestic animals alone, but even well trained ones will chase down a squirrel or two and you may have to deal with having one dropped at your feet occasionally... if you want any further info please contact the American Dust Bunny Association at 1-800- BAN MOPS. In England, I believe the breed is used more for herding but I'm not 100% on that one.
  10. by   gwenith
    Ah! Yes but the Australian dust bunny or Australis Ferocious Dustus to give it it's proper scientific term. Although distantly related to overseas dust bunnies is of course a distinct breed unique to Australia. In a land with few natural large predators the Australian dust bunny has evolved to fill that ecological niche.

    Thier unique characteristics include the ability to incorporate into thier "bodies" not only dust and shed skin particles normally found within the carpeting but also hair and spider webs. It is the incorporation of the latter material that gives them thier incredible strength. Larger bunnies can be found actively raiding rubbish bins for more matierial.

    A mature example of an Australis Ferocious Dustus can reach over a meter in diameter. By this time it is indeed a fearsome looking beast with it's many tentacled arms made from human hair and spider webbing and a body made of scrounged garbage it becomes incredibly territorial with age and will attack anyone foolish enough to enter ti's home range.
  11. by   adrienurse
    See, I'm only trying to protect myself from the ferrocious bunnicula when I run that vacuum at 0300, honest. Yeesh, buy some earplugs!
  12. by   jadednurse
    Hey, and when you're sleeping at three in the afternoon after working a night shift, they don't think twice about running the vacuum during YOUR bedtime, do they? The nerve!
  13. by   adrienurse
  14. by   jnette
    This thread is too bunny.. I mean funny !