Doggie with hurt feelings

  1. My husband thought he would get me a minature dashund for a birthday present, so, I came home and the breeder was at my home with this adorable little puppy. Problem arouse, my Teddy Bear, whom I rescued was so upset, he lunged at the little puppy, I thought he would kill it. Poor Teddy thought he was being replaced I think. Now you have to understand, Teddy was abused, starved, neglected until I found him, today he is fat and spoiled. Of course I couldn't take the puppy but now Teddy is acting weird around my husband, like how dare he bring a little doggie into his home. Last night when I went to work Chuck went to let him out and he just peed on the floor in front of him, he hasn't had a accident in months and I don't think it was a accident at all I think he was just upset.
    Sorry this is so long, anyway, has anyone experienced this with a dog before. Teddy knows he is my baby, I would never replace him but when I leave he won't behave for my husband anymore. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   oramar
    I think with continued love and his usual routine intact he will get over it. That is as long as there are no new threats to his stability. That poor little duchy puppy must have been wondering, "hey! what did I do?"
  4. by   angelac1978
    gotta agree, get your doggie back to his normal routine and give him time and patience, and lots of loving!

    anyone who says that pets don't have feelings/emotions doesn't know what he/she is talking about. I swear there are times when our kittie pouts, she'll sit on her little table w/ her back to us, and just sigh from time to time, and then look over her shoulder w/ this hurt "i didn't do anything" look. Its hilarious but can be frustrating as well!

    hope your doggie and hubby can get back to normal!

  5. by   nowplayingEDRN
    We rescued a pup from the ASPCA when my daughter worked there. He was about 2 weeks old when she brought him home, originally just till his eyes were open and he coule eat puppy food and drink from a bowl (yeah, right....hehehehehe) Well, the short of the long was that when we got ready to send him back with more than a tearful good bye, the professed "animal hater" (double YEAH RIGHT!, the DH says don't you dare take little Butchie back to the pound. This is his home. Now our big ol german shepherd was less than thrilled as he has been the head cheese, king of the dog pile and domaine at our hose for 5 yrs. Took a lot of work to get him to accept bu tthey are now bestest buds, of course I think it helped that he was in the house from the time he was a tiny baby.

    I guess what I am saying, is that if you all want to get a second dog, maybe you would have better luck rescueing another pound puppy and then you would have the opportunity to take Teddy with you to the pound to see if he will get along with the dog of choice. He just may be the type that, due to all that has happened to the poor puppy, will never tolerate another animal.

    And yes, I have had a dog that was spiteful to the poor little JRT that I had to get rid of as the DH said him or me because that pooch despised my hub. Give Teddy lots of love......have your hub feed him a coveted special treat and give him a new toy...he will forgive him soon enough. Poor Teddy...... Good luck
  6. by   jemb
    Dogs are a lot like kids sometimes -- just with extra legs and more fur. He will need help adapting to any newcomer, and will need to be assured that his own position in the family is not threatened.

    I agree that getting another pound puppy or even taking your pup with you whever you go to "get his approval" of a new dog would be a good idea.
  7. by   H ynnoD
    Our dogs get along with each other and only one was'nt full grown when we got her.Have 3 dogs.I'm the one that does all the feeding and special treats so they love the Daddy.Wife and Kids spend more time playing with them,so they love them.Do you give your little one all the special treats or does your DH sometimes also?Let hubby give him a treat here and there for a couple of days,little one will forget all about it.
  8. by   Katnip
    Teddy sounds like he's jealous, but he's also trying to establish his place in the pack as higher than the new pups. Other than what the other posters said about continued affection to Teddy, just watch them carefully so Teddy doesn't hurt the new guy.

    What seems like what would be cruel to us such as snapping can be quite normal to dogs.
  9. by   BadBird
    A little history on Teddy Bear, I rescued him the day before Thanksgiving, he is approximately 5 yrs. old, we are guessing. He lived in a dark basement, food was thrown down the steps to him, he soiled down there and lived in it. He weighed 7 lbs. and he is a big pomeranian, all skin and bones, his fur was matted, he had a really bad ear infection. Teddy never had shots or saw a vet. So along comes me, I take him to the vet, get him neutered, feed him, today he weighs 16 lbs. Today he is a adorable fur ball. I adore him, I hold him for hours and rock him in my chair, we watch tv together, LOL.

    The problem is he is still mad at my husband, there is no problem when I am home but once I leave he pees, so now he is back in his crate when I leave and I hate to keep him there but I guess until he learns not to pee he has to stay there. Of course he is asleep on the couch now, as I type this. I told my hubby NEVER to bring another pet into this house, Teddy can't take the stress. OF course DH thinks I am nuts the way I spoil him but too bad, he is my little baby and I love him.
  10. by   nessa1982
    In time he will forgive & forget. But your story mae me think of my former boss' dog. One of my fellow employees was doggie sitting and the dog was mad at her and so he went into the trash can and ate some used maxi pads (he usually only does weird/nasty stuff when he's mad), ew at least teddie only peed on the floor. Funny how they do stuf to "get back" at thier humans