doggie tale

  1. I hate crowds and I hate shopping, so I figured late this afternoon would be a good time to go to Target. ( Normal people would be eating, drinking, or watching fireworks.) I was at one of the two open registers parting with some money when it was getting dark, and started to hear some fireworks in the area.

    Just then, a yellow lab walked into the store, and stood there trembling, and looking around like she was trying to see something familiar. Several of the store employees went over to comfort the dog, who was very docile, but still trembling and panting. They got some water for her and I heard them talking about what they should do. The dog had a tag, but it only had an ID # and 800 phone#. One of the employees called the 800#, but then said it was a recording that asked for the ID#, description of the dog and # where the caller could be reached. The store was close to closing time, and none of the employees felt that they would be able to take the dog home, so....

    I'm a sucker for dogs in distress. I gave them my phone # in case someone came looking for her, put her in my car (she hopped right in), and off we went. I knew I'd find the owner with the # on the tag, but it might not be until after the holiday weekend. So I drove into the neighborhood behind the store, thinking maybe someone would be out looking for her. I stopped whenever I saw someone, asking if they knew where a yellow lab might live. A couple of people pointed me toward the same direction. A woman out walking her two little dogs tried to help me. One gentleman in a house about a mile from the store said that his neighbors had a yellow lab, but he couldn't tell if it was the same one. He walked over to my car with me, and I got the dog out so he could see it better. Just then a young woman drove slowly by, stopped and backed up. She jumped out of her car, and ran over to us.

    So dog and dogmom were reunited there in the middle of the street! When I told her how the dog came into the store like it was looking for help, her jaw dropped. "I work there!! She must have been looking for me!"

    Of course when I got home, my two dogs had to get in the car and smell everything.

    I like a happy ending.
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  3. by   FROGGYLEGS
    I'm glad your story has such a happy ending. In the last few days I have read several warnings about keeping your pets indoors for the 4th. The articles say that more pets run away and end up lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year because of the fireworks. It also said that the animal shelters refer to the increase in the number of dogs there immediately after the holiday as the "4th of July dogs". It is really sad.
  4. by   gwenith
    i just got my cat "Microchipped" so that if she gets lost any vet can scan her and my phone number., my mobile and a third phone number will come up. It is an Australia wide service.
  5. by   jadednurse
    I can't pass up any thread that mentions doggies! (No laughing FROGGY!) I was so nervous as I started reading the thread...I was hoping there was going to be a happy ending!

    That was so great of you to take in that dog and drive around looking for doggie's mom...

    And what a smart doggie, running into his mom's work like that...they are smart!
  6. by   nursedawn67
    wow that's cool...thanks for sharing.
  7. by   PennyLane
    What a great story. From one animal lover to another, THANK YOU for taking the time to help that dog!!
  8. by   ERNurse752
    That story made me cringe. My little baby...I mean, doggie,
    has tried to follow me before when I leave in my car. Have to make sure he's inside when I leave...and when someone lets him out, if I'm gone at a time I'm usually not he'll stand in the front yard and look down the street.

    I'm glad you took the time to help this doggie, and that it had a happy ending! Whew...sigh of relief!
  9. by   CVnurse08
    What a smart dog !!! I think most pets are smarter than we think. I am so glad it turned out good and thanks so much for posting this happy animal story !!