Does meat make you sick????

  1. Heres a weird question. I have not eatin red meat or really any other meat for about a month. I am trying to lower my cholesterol. Any whoo....last night I had a craving and REALLY blew the eating healthy. I'm talkin BIG hamburger w/ cheese peppers the whole nine yards. Within two hours I was very sick...NO throwing up but not feelin real well either. Why was this. Does your body stop digesting meat if your not used to it???? I know its a weird question but I am very curious. I don't want to cut meat out completely but DANG.....I'm not going thru that again......

    I also haven't been eating the cheese either???? maybe it was the combination of the two?
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  3. by   cactus wren
    Could be a bad gallbladder...
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Probably the meat was not so much the issue as the big bolus of fat and grease that your stomach probably was out of practice dealing with. (We all fall off the wagon - good for you for being so diligent with trying to lower your cholesterol! )
  5. by   TNcanNURSE
    I have heard of people going on special diets that don't include red meat. They say that if you don't eat it for a while and then eat some it wreaks havoc on your digestive system. Can cause Diarrhea and such.

    That is probably what happened in your case
  6. by   Mkue
    I think it was probably a shock to your digestive system too. Maybe introduce a small meat portion next time w/o the cheese, peppers, etc.. and see what happens.

    Hope you feel better.
  7. by   jemb
    I quit eating most meat a long time ago because I would get nauseated and have severe abd cramping after eating it. I still eat poultry and fish occassionally, but no shellfish, no red meat, no pork, no processed meat of any kind. About ten years ago, I "accidently" ate some beef, and my system was in an uproar for days! ( I had gotten "vegetable soup" at a restaurant, and didn't expect it to have meat in it.) Since then, I won't eat anything unless I can verify the ingredients. Restaurants and pot-lucks can be scary!
  8. by   passing thru
    Same here, though vegetable beef soup is tolerated. I don't eat red meat. Maybe once every six months, I'll have some roast beef at a buffet, and my stomach and g.i. system feels "lousy", it is hard to describe. Not nauseous or crampy, just sick feeling.
    I really think the putrefying meat in bad for oursystem.
    We were meant to be herbivores, not carnivores. Put some raw meat out on the counter and leave it in a 98.0 degree temp for two days...and smell it and look at it. I't is worse than that in our intestines.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    the two meats i eat frequently are chicken [breast] and fish. i do have a craving for a hamburger at times and i order a whopper last week and it made me sick. i couldn't believe it was the whopper and i ordered another one a few days later and yes, it was the whopper. that's it for me and i so love whoppers as opposed to the big mac.
  10. by   renerian
    I have been one for over 7 or 8 years now. Every once in a while someone will talk me into something meaty to try. I usally will try new foods once. I always get a sick stomach. Heavy food. Could be that.....

    Make sure you get enough proteins.

  11. by   nakitamoon
    i stopped eating red meat,,, > year ago,, we had to change the way we eat,, dh triglycerides,, cholesterol,, way too high,,,, i eat chicken breasts,,, some fish,,, no other meats,,, over the last year,, i have wanted a cheesburger from a wonderful resterant we frequent,,, each time,,, i have regretted it,,, up all night with diarrhea,,, stomach felt awful,,,,,i have learned to not make that mistake again,, i agree with the above posts,,, if you want the meat,,, small portion without the extra goodies,,, on it,,,, myself,,, prefer not to go there again!,,, lol

  12. by   emily_mom
    I love meat. Steaks, burgers, chops, ham, bacon, etc....

    It was probably the fat/grease that made you sick. Same thing happened to my got better though.

    Passing thru: I think your analogy is poor. Your body has digestive's not like a piece of meat is sitting in your intestines whole (well not mine anyway). Plus, you usually "expel" it approx. 12 hours after eating (not 2 days...). And it's not like sausage links are coming out of your butt whole....

  13. by   adrienurse
    I think anything is difficult to digest if your gut is no longer used to it.
  14. by   cpgrn
    Red meat always bothers me and my husband. We don't have a problem with chicken or fish though. I think it's the fat, grease combination.