Does anyone watch Dexter?

  1. My daughters and I started watching this on Netflix. It's a sophisticated study of a serial killer who only kills deserving subjects. We watched the whole first season on Christmas Day, LOL. We're now on season 2.

    We love this show. Dexter is such a likable serial killer. I like the way the show's characters are evolving.
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  3. by   StNeotser
    I watched it and loved it. It will make you question your own morals because you root for Dexter sometimes.............but sometimes you just can't. Yes, Dexter is a hero and appeals to the small vigilante in all of us, but it does get quite messy. Michael C Hall really was so good in the part. He can lower his head a little and go from looking like a regular guy to a really evil wicked one.
  4. by   Ted
    I believe that my wife and I have watched ALL of the Dexter episodes, from beginning to end. We were both sad to see the show end, but I guess it ran its course. As far as it being a "sophisticated" show, I guess that's debatable! LOL! But, it surely kept our interest! Wish it was still being produced.
  5. by   Emergent
    We are now on season 4. Yes, I think there is a bit of Dexter in me.
  6. by   csmcj
    Season 4 is really where Dexter peaked. It was entertaining afterward, but was never again as good as season 4.