Does anyone else here have regular family reunions?

  1. With today's mobile society I was wondering if that was still done by many people.

    In the mid-70's my dad and his many cousins decided they were tired of meeting only at funerals and implemented an every-two-years reunion, usually attracting 40-50 people, which have continued to this day (next one next summer). Not a big deal, we usually just meet at someone's home and have a catered/potluck lunch.

    Around that time my dad and his brothers and sisters decided that they should meet in a mini-reunion. We did that a few times---usually meeting at an Indiana state park---but then that tradition faded until 2001 when it was resurrected. We (10-20 people)now try to meet every two years at Indiana's Spring Mill State Park (which is centrally located). In 2009 we're going move it to Seattle because a number of my cousins live there.

    Does anyone else do this anymore? Or has life become too busy?
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    LOL, apparently not...
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Yes. My husbands side of the family has a yearly reunion. Here is a picture from last year of my DH, his grandson and fiance:

    Lots of family:

    This was in California in 1992. DH, his sister & my sister. The little boy in that picture is now 6'6"!
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    That's good to hear---I feared reunions were something (like families eating together) that was disappearing from America.

    Should have posted a picture of last year's gathering...but with my old-fashioned film camera posting is difficult.
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    I use a disposable camera. You can have pictures put on a CD when you have it developed or they will scan pictures and put them on a CD too.
    Here are my husbands parents in 1927. His Mom was pregnant with him:

    My side of the family gets together for holidays.
    Often we go to Oklahoma in January or July. July is my aunts family picnic. It is BIG. They keep track of cousins 1st to 4th and up to thrice removed.

    (That means ALL nurses!)
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  7. by   CHATSDALE
    i liked the pic of the reunions with the matching t-shirts
    there is something about reunions and dinner on the grounds that bring back memories of people long gone
    of babies with toothless grins now holding their grandbabies
    life is good
  8. by   bethin
    thankfully, no family reunions here.

    I have ~60 cousins, 13 aunts and uncles, plus my cousins have kids themselves so that's hundreds of people. That I don't mind. It's my family - if you're not a 4.0 you're nothing. And I'd rather not spend my day off discussing who is getting their doctorate in aerospace engineering or who is interning at the White House. I attend a cc, these people attend Harvard, Brown, NYU, etc. Last reunion, I had to get so drunk just to look at these people. My name is bethin, and I'm reunion free!!
  9. by   suzy253
    Used to do an annual Christmas party when I lived in Long Island. Half my relatives were in Westchester, half on the east end of Long Island. It was wonderful....had corsages made for the aunties but now unfortunately, all my aunts are gone (except 1), two of my uncles have passed and one dear dear family friend in a house fire. Two ladies who were like aunts to me and my sister are gone as well. We had such great fun though. The kids were so young and we had Christmas pressies for them. At least I have the wonderful memories and of course pictures.
  10. by   agent66
    My dad's side has one every three years or so. It was surprisingly a good time. My grandfather had a ridiculous amount of first cousins which filtered down into hundreds of second cousins , many of whom had not moved very far from the original homestead. The old family photos are fun to view, interesting to find your own brother closely resembles someone from a hundred years ago. The coolest person though was a girl of my age (40ish) whose grandmother on her deathbed told her that the man she thought was her father wasn't. In fact it was the neighbour up the street who happened to be our family member. He had died before she had the chance to reconcile any kind of relationship with him but she thought what the heck, she would throw herself in the middle of this reunion and meet the "new" family! Some of the younger group have also started a facebook group dedicated to the family name which has also proved a good link to keeping people in touch and updated to upcoming family get togethers. The only downer to these parties is always that a few have died, but on the flip side there are usually a few more babies too!

  11. by   agent66
    Oh and agree with Bethin, a few "beverages" helps alot!!
  12. by   Grace Oz
    my family held a reunion many years ago. It was 100 years since my great-grandparents began the family business, (no longer in business. they sold it for a handsome profit! ) No more family reunions since then. We've lost SO many family members in the past 10 years. And now, I'm part of the "dying" generation as my cousin so eloquently puts it! :uhoh21::stone Guess it's up to my generation now to gather the mob together. Mostly I'm just happy to see them individually.

    But, dear oh dear! We've been to PLENTY of DH's military reunions!
    Last one was back in May this year. THAT one I didn't mind. It was the 40th anniversary since joining the forces. So was rather special.
    It's the other (branch specific) reunion, held every TWO years, which I'm all over going to! I'm refusing to go to the one next year! I've told him he can go alone to that!
  13. by   Grace Oz
    GREAT pics, Space!
  14. by   pickledpepperRN
    I never went to my Dads reunion of the Air Force band he was in during WWII.

    One is a life long friend of the family since my Dad was six. He is retired to Florida except for playing banjo for a few Cubs games when he is in Chicago.
    We e-mail about once a month.

    The famous ones have passed.

    Bethin: It is really sad when a family makes you feel bad instead of just loving you. I know too many unhappy doctors who were pushed by such families. A corporate attorney who would rather be a personal trainer.

    And one scientist who defied his familys wish for another physician. They are quite proud of him now.

    Thank you Grace. When we get together the kids love looking at scrapbooks. They see us when we were younger than they are now.