Does anybody do Pilates?

  1. Does anybody here have experience with the Pilates workouts? I have seen them listed in the class schedule at the Y. My 13 yo daughter was at a friends house and they went through a beginning workout tape and she is enthused about it. I don't know all that much about it, but what I have heard has all been positive. Sounds like it would be a good physical foundation for her and a good thing for me to stave off age related changes.

    I'm thinking about enrolling us in a class or getting a video of our own. The class would involve more expense, but we would actually do it since we had put out money for it. The video is more likely to gather dust in the cabinet after a few uses.

    Anybody have first hand experience with this?
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  3. by   joyrochelle
    Hello there! I began doing pilates as a dance major at University, and have loved it ever since. I did combined mat work and reformer work....and I was very amazed at the quick and unique results that it should in my strength and physique.

    Now that i dance much less, and am a nurse, I purchased a reformer for my home Nuse, and I do mat videos. I still enjoy it very much and would suggest to anyone to begin with the assistance of a certified instructor. The main point of Pilates is quality and definitley not quantity....improper alignment that may not be appreciated by the person doing the exercises may be able to be corrected by the trained eye, and once you have developed that "body and muscle memory" you will know for yourself what is improper and therefore potentially harmful.

    I think that pilates is a very effective and enjoyable, yet intense training modality that is very kind to your joints and also manages to incorpaorate relaxation adn breathing into strengthening, toning and stretching ( what can be better???)

    i know it is expensive in some palces, but due to it's increasing popularity, it is becoming more widely offered....there are many subsidiaries to certification. STOTT pilates is one body of certification.....just make sure that you are learning from a knowledgable source.

    BEST of luck to you and your would be great to enjoy such an activity with my mom!

    email me if you have further questions....especially if you are in Michigan!

  4. by   shannonRN
    i came across a pilates infomercial one evening. it is a three video set plus some pamphlets. it was only $40! i figured it couldn't be too bad, so i bought it. i really enjoy them. i am too lazy to go to the gym and spend an hour, so i thought 20 minutes at home wouldn't kill me. so far i have been right, my fiancee said he noticed a difference and i had been doing it less than 2 weeks. i don't know if i can post the website that i purchased them at...not sure if that would be advertising. if you are interested in purchasing the tapes, send me a message and i would be happy to pass the site your way!
  5. by   ERNurse752
    I went to a Pilates session at my kicked my butt!
    I'm pretty strong, but my "core" is weak, so it was hard for me.
    I enjoyed it, I'll do it again...I would recommend starting out in the gym so that you learn the positions correctly. Have fun!
  6. by   aimeee
    Thanks for your input! I'm definitely going to pursue this further.