Do you use a PDA?

  1. Although I'm not great with computers, I've recently been looking into PDA's... those little electronic excuses for personal planners...

    I'm not interested in the fancy ones which can do email, web-browsing, large files, and games... I'm more into finding a compact, reliable place for addresses, to-do lists, and a couple of extra programs for keeping up with personal paperwork, etc.

    A few questions:

    Do you have one? If so, what brand and model?

    Do you prefer it over using an old fashioned planner?

    What pro's and con's have you noticed?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    Yes I have one... Palm Tungsten.... its the newest one they got....
    it has more gadgets on it from the previous models and its in color big whoop whoop... not a big issue for me but my husband was excited about it... it will web browse and can be used as a cell phone and other things that I dont have a clue about. I like the storage space on this one over the older ones I have a ton of medical programs on it and I update it constantly. Im getting better with it, for about a month it stayed on my desk and stared at me , now I use it with school and in the OR, and with patient teaching
  4. by   Anaclaire

    Thank you for your reply. I'm rather intimidated by the new "technology" scene but would really like to get on the bandwagon before I'm left behind in the dust!

    My husband gets all goo-goo eyed and excited about technological things but has no clue as to how to make anything work... he even defers to me anything about our computer, digital camera, etc. It's like he wants to have all this "cool" stuff around but wants me to figure out how to work everything. Argh!! I'm just not technologically inclined and have to work incredibly hard at figuring things out on my own. Alas, we all have our cross to bear...:chuckle

    Thank you again for your input!

    Honey Im having trouble figuring out how to work this new cell phone...... My husband could have programmed it 10 minutes after buying the thing I however am still accidently cutting people off trying to answer the thing.... and now the pda has a phone on it too lol Good luck to whoever calls is all I got to say lol
    Im sure I will get strange looks as I talk to my palm lol I can imagine when Im getting a verbal response back from the thing. Im just glad the thing has a cover and can be put to bed lol
  6. by   prmenrs
    I have a Palm M130. I love it! I figure I lost a few #s getting rid of the DayRunner!!

    Only problem I've had so far is in the middle of our cross-country adventure last summer, it did something goofy, and dumped all my data--calender and phone list. Since I was no where near home, I couldn't very well hot-sync it. I managed to acquire a lot of stuff back after it barfed, but nowhere near the addresses I had before. Shoulda made a back-up before we left home.

    I do have solataire on it--need something for waiting @ the orthodontist!!
  7. by   CashewLPN
    Well, I was using a palm vii model.... honestly.... it sucked... the storage space wasnt upgradable... but, it went online... crappily, for too much money...
    but, it stores my epocrates, and my infectious diseases guide... and, a dictionary... so it was nice for that.... essentially, it was a splurge that I could have resisted, but I'm a techno geek.

    now, I just got an iPaq.... its a hewlett packard pocket PC... matter of fact, I got it yesterday... it has upgradable memory, and you can put in storage cards... its nice.... I used it for school-- it lasted through 2 ferry rides (I played solitaire the whole 1/2 hour trip, each way), a 4 hour class ( i used it to take notes... but to conserve the battery, I turned off the backlight-- the room was well lit) and, it worked pretty well.... its color, and pretty zippy, and MUCH smaller than my old one... thing is, I need a new case, I'm using the P7's case and its wobbling around in it....

    one problem with PDA's is the stylus... if you have difficulty hanging onto a very small pen... about the size of an 'O' (12 pt ariel font).... I suffer from some nerve damage to my hands ( bad carpal tunnel...) so I have this pen, its like a 'dr grip' pen, but it has a stylus point as well as a pen...

    I'm looking for a 'drugbook' program for the windows based systems.... anyone have any ideas?

  8. by   jemb
    I have a Handspring Visor Neo -- nothing fancy. It has plenty of memory for me and is upgradable. It has Palm OS, so I can use Palm software as well as Handspring. It's my calendar/day planner, address book, memo book, to do list, and I have downloaded some medical/nursing references that I use frequently. I even have some games on it to keep myself entertained when I end up waiting somewhere. It has a lot more functions that I've never even used . When I got it, I wasn't sure if I would use it much, but I love it!
  9. by   Anaclaire
    Thanks everyone for your posts about your PDAs! I honestly appreciate all the information as well as the chuckles!!