Do you think people take pride in their work nowadays?

  1. We are presently getting our house sided and kitchen remodeled. I have been absolutely frustrated with the quality of work that the siding company THINKS they can get away with. They would be done with their project now, but, they've had to fix multiple areas. You think they'd want to do the job right the first time!!!

    Also, we purchased our cabinets from Lowe's. Have had, again, multiple problems because the guy (from Lowe's) that measured the kitchen measured incorrectly.....gave us too much space. Uggggh! Have had to send back 3 cabinets and are waiting for replacements to come in sometime in the next few weeks. Not to mention, we are having to re-order items that he forgot in the original order.

    The only person we haven't had any problems with is the contractor that is putting our kitchen together...he is outstanding!! Of course, he has pride in his work.

    Has anyone else had problems with half-a$$ed work being done? It has been a very frustrating experience.

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  4. by   canoehead
    I absolutely agree with you that it is hard to find someone that feels any shame in giving a half effort. When you find someone who does a job well they will often be able to refer you to others that also do good work.

    And just because it's hard to find someone decent I don't think we should settle for second best. I know in your position that crooked or ill fitting cabinets would drive me insane, knowing that I let someone get away with shoddy work.
  5. by   Brownms46
    My daughter and I talk about this all the time. I took my new, well working PC compaq into Compusa to have some upgrades put in, so I could edit video. WRONG! Not only did I had to take it back to them a total of three times...I had to end up restoring my pc to itself's original factory state, after removing the upgrades. They not only wasted my time....messed up my pc...they took money for this Now I do my own upgrades!
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  6. by   Cubby
    I remember a commercial that ran several years ago that asked the question 'would you do a better job if you had to sign your name to the job?' I don't remember what company the ad was for I just remember that line. I think of that daily. I do sign my name to any and all jobs that I do, so maybe I feel I take pride in my work for that very reason. Maybe everyone in all lines of work should be required to 'Sign their name' Think it would help?
  7. by   leesonlpn
    I just leased a new Saturn 3/door coupe. (Here in Canada, British Columbia) This is my second lease from the Saturn Company. You talk about pride ! I was so impressed. I had the same salesman as before, Jim, and I even hate to use the term salesman. He was not one bit pushy, he was as patient as anything. I was really undecided between two styles, and would change my mind from day to day for a week. He washed three different cars for me to get the snow off, and lined them up. He knew what I could afford, and would honestly tell me what cars weren't options for me. And yesterday, when I went to pick up the car, it was in the showcase room, all glass.Jim went over every feature of the car, explaining everything to me. (Not in the condescending way some men do when talking about mechanics etc) There were 10 Saturn staff there to wish me well, introduce themselves, as they all had a part to play in my vehicle. They came up and shook hands with me (good handshakes too, eyecontact etc) they sang the Saturn song, I didn't know the words so I just hummed and did the maniac dance like the hampster.When I got in the car,they all clapped, took my picture. I have a whole month to change my mind no questions asked. Jim already phoned metoday, asked how my ride was home (I'm 45 minutes away from the dealership). The send you letters periodically asking how the saturn is doing. That is definitely pride in their work. It's no wonder the most drivers of Saturns are women. I know if there is any problem at all it will be dealt with. That is service.ifferent kind of company different kind of car!!
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