Do you think people are more impatient now?

  1. Hi, all I was just wondering if all of you are noticing a growing feeling of impatience in the world? Maybe I'm not expressing it right. Sometimes I think all of what is going on is starting to naw away at people. Sometimes something you would normally laugh off, is not so funny anymore. I don't feel that way, but have noticed it in some ways. So let me know what you think, just something that has been bothering me. God bless you all
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  3. by   thisnurse
    ive noticed that with drivers. there are so many more horn blowers these days and a lot more road rage.
  4. by   debbyed
    With the anxiety level so high (especially in our area with the growing threat of anthrax) it is much more difficult to blow off "the little stuff". Many people are on overload and can not maintain status quo.

    With that said I have also seen much more community/neighborhood activities. Many more people now know what their neighbors names are and are talking to them. Neighbors are looking out for each other, and individuals are extending helping hands to each other.

    For every negative thing you see happening, make sure you look for the positive as well, for it is there.
  5. by   nur20
    I have experienced more people communicating with each other. It's like, well we all have a common goal and we're all experiencing the same problems now so "how are you my fellow American? I've had complete strangers come up and just start talking and asking my opinion about our predicament (not a given in this area). I am feeling a comradery like never before.
  6. by   Jenzee
    I've experienced a bit of both worlds. On one hand I have noticed people becoming more impatient. Especially behind the wheel.

    But I have also noticed a new "softness" in America, it really warms my heart. It is like we have realized that all the small things aren't so important, there is so much more going on with our country and the world. I've noticed alot more people are going to church and taking the time to not only thank God but also the complete strangers that protect us and make our world a safer place. I have to say....there is nowhere I'd rather be right now!!!!
  7. by   jayna
    ...come to the relax pacific to ease yourself...... will be at peace, to watch the world go by...

    might suggest my blue island

    but real nurse you're right on that, now a days people are changing, even the enviroment is changing rapidly.
  8. by   jayna
    ...come to the relax pacific to ease yourself from the stress will be at peace, to watch the world go by...

    might suggest my blue island

    but real nurse you're right on that, now a days people are changing, even the enviroment is changing rapidly.
  9. by   MollyJ
    One hour photo processing
    One hour eye glasses service
    Drive through restaurants
    drive through banks
    Drive through liquor stores (in some states)
    Instant messenging

    If you have worked in the ED, you have noticed that people expect their ED care to be as quick as a McDonald's hamburger. They seem to miss the point that Mickey D's is fast but not high quality food.

    I am saddened by the expectation of instant gratification without frustration. Alot of really great things in life aren't instant.
  10. by   prmenrs
    I think you are soo right about people being on overload, Debbyed, there is just no more energy left to deal w/stuff.

    I think we're also tired of seeming to be in line for EVERYthing--healthcare, checkout stands, whatever. Pretty soon you're just snapping!

    But...what to do?
  11. by   aimeee
    I think a lot of people are impatient because they have scheduled every minute of their lives with stuff to do. I think a lot of people don't even know HOW to relax.

    I am pretty mellow and generally more of a type B personality. But there are some things I have absolutely NO patience with at all. One of them is navigating endless telephone menus only to end up leaving a voice mail message and wondering if someday someone might just call me back. And I hate waiting in lines for things. And going to discount stores to get the featured sale items only to find they have run out of them, forcing me to go to the so-called service desk to wait in another line for a rain check. I guess there is a common theme here: impersonal, uncaring, poor service. Unfortunately, the almighty dollar rules.
  12. by   CATHYW
    Impatient? Whadya mean, huh? I want an answer now!
    It was getting awful-and I found myself doing the very same things I didn't like-tailgaiting, driving faster than necessary, fuming internally when I was in a long line or there was a competency-challenged person waiting on me.
    Then came the wakeup call of Sept. 11 I realized that there was no place that I HAD to be that was so important I couldn't leave home 10 mins. earlier. I hold doors for men and women, let people have cuts in traffic, and try to smile and speak to every one I come in contact with.
    As one poster said, that horrible day made us all realize that we are members of the human race, and that life is transient. We are all important to someone, and each of us needs to be more aware of that.
    So-yes, impatience was, and is, a problem. However, I think it is not as bad as it was before 9/11.
  13. by   nur20
    The last few days has made me want to retract my earlier post. Boy, what is going on out there. People are snapping and yelling at others . There is definitely a shift in the wind. Maybe they're experiencing a much higher anxiety level as events are drawn out. We certainly have had enough warnings and threats recently. I, for one, am becoming more and more frightened and upset about world events, but i try not to take it out on others.
  14. by   debbyed
    The last weeks have been hell in the ER, I think everyone is past their confort level of stress. If we could just go 1 week with out additional warnings maybe things would die down around here.

    Just last night there were multiple murders in downtown Baltimore, everyone is in such a state that family members actually attacked the police who were trying to figure out what happened. It was an incident where the whole community came out initially to support each other and than turned into a mob.

    I think much of it is the feeling of impotency inregards to the ability to control the environment around you. Everything is becomming strange and out of sinc. It's becomming to a point that people are afraid to do random acts of kindness for fear they will be mis-interperted..

    In the first month after 911 people became more of a community looking out for one time and threats have progress now it seem they are looking at each other, looking for another threat.

    I never used to be concerned (scared) to go to work in the ER. Now I've been off for 10 days and I'm due back tomorrow and I honesty don't want to go. I've felt safe and secure at home and the idea of venturing out, alone, at night into a normally chaotic enviroment fills me with anxiety at the moment. This is not me nor is it the way I want to be, so shortly I will go upstairs, go to sleep, get up, get dressed and go to work. I just wish I felt better about it. I will endeiver to do as I have preached to others...For every negative thing I see, hear, feel,,I will look for the positive. It will just be a little harded tomorrow.

    Sorry, just venting emotions I'm pi$$ed off about having in a safe form.

    Thanks for listening.