Do you, or would you ever, own a motorcycle?

  1. I know that this question has been posted before, as I went through the site archives. However, I couldn't find where this question has been posted recently. I know that new members are constantly joining (I am one of those) and thought that I would re-post an old question to see if opinions or numbers have changed from a few years ago. Everyone is welcome to respond. I especially would like to hear from folks that are licensed and operate a motorcycle on a regular basis. I think that my coworkers are a little surprised when they find out that I ride, but the comments from them have been mostly supportive. Are you for or against motorcycles, and why or why not?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    You do know this is a nursing forum, and AllNurses has a whole section devoted to non-nursing life? You'l find it under Break Room. You have to sign in again, but it works just like this side of the house for posting and responding.
  4. by   applewhitern
    One of my very first patients was a young man who was a paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident. Also, a drunk driver hit my son while he was riding his motorcycle. He survived, but had multiple fractures, including a tooth, and a head injury. (He was covered in leather, plus a high quality helmet, which helped.) Personally, I like motorcycles, but the general public out there on the highway has no respect for riders, or bicyclists, either.
  5. by   macenroe
    I apologize GrnTea for posting in the wrong section. As I said, I am new to this site. I work in healthcare and ride my motorcycle to work, when the weather is cooperative for it. So, I felt that I would be able to post on a nursing site. I picked the "general nursing" section because that is where older posts related to this subject have been posted in the past. I am just curious how many other nursing professionals ride and their reasons for it. A little off subject.....maybe, but no more so than some of the other topics that I have seen posted under this category.

    I am sorry apple for your son's accident. I hope that he is doing okay. I have nothing good to say for drunk drivers either. They are a threat to everyone on the road, not just motorcyclists. I personally do think that most good drivers respect all motorists, whether they are driving two wheels or four. I think that the folks that don't respect bikers on the road, probably are the bad drivers that don't respect anyone, anyway.
  6. by   calivianya
    I love motorcycles, but I will never own one because I have seen too many victims of motorcycle crashes that would have maybe had whiplash if they were in a car, but ended up dead, brain injured, or paralyzed because that fender bender happened in a motorcycle instead. Motorcycles are awesome, but no amount of awesome will get me to buy one. xD
  7. by   TerpGal02
    I won't ever have a motorcycle. In my last life I worked for a large auto insurer and my cube was next to the "Special Lines" guy (motorcycle, RV, boat, etc). Anytime he had a motorcycle claim, inevitably I would hear him ask, "is the rider still alive" and in many cases, they werent. And most of the time, the person riding the bike wasn't at fault, either.
  8. by   21strawberry
    I have a motorcycle but I don't ride it too often. I got licensed and bought a bike shortly before becoming pregnant 3 years ago. While I LOVE riding, you just can't trust the people on the road. No matter how skilled you are and how defensively you ride, you can't account for the people in their cars. Accidents happen to the safest riders. And I am not just living my life for myself anymore, so rides have become less frequent...and probably won't ever involve the freeways from here on out!
  9. by   Esme12
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    Even thought I am a lifelong critical care nurse and ED nurse......I love motorcycles...I don't drive one but I love riding them. They are dangerous and I believe in proper gear and helmets. I have taken long vacations on one and I loved every minute of my younger years. I worked with a trauma surgeon who rode to work whenever possible....nice bike, very nice surgeon.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I love motorcycles too but I grew up riding off-road.

    Had a boyfriend in my early 20's with a very nice bike. He lived one mile from work and rode his bike back and forth. One night on the way home a drunk driver hit him. I won't go into details but he was basically brain dead even though he wore a good helmet. Was in the ICU until his parents could get there and then they let him go.

    I know there are equally sad stories about people on bicycles or people who walk or people who drive cars. I guess you have to assess the risk you are willing to take otherwise you'd live in a cave.
  11. by   macenroe
    Thanks to all of you that have responded to my post. I appreciate all of the comments. I would like to say that unfortunately a lot of lives have been affected, at some point in time, by a drunk driver. As I said, I really don't think that there is ever an excuse for driving drunk and putting everyone else on the road in harm's way. But, we have to remember where the fault lies. It isn't with the motorcycle that got hit by the drunk driver, but the drunk driver that hit the motorcycle. Or another car, or bicycle, or pedestrian. Whatever the case may be.

    I have to agree that life is full of risks. A person could have an injury from a fall in their own home, or mowing their lawn, or any other number of other ways. I think that when our time is up, it's up, and nothing is going to stop the inevitable from happening. I guess I like to live my life by the motto; "I never want to give up the thrill of living, for the safety of existence." LOL! I find motorcycle riding to be very therapeutic. I always take a two week vacation every summer for a road trip with my motorcycle. I usually cruise all over the New England states. It's something that I always look forward to every year. I'm not sure that I would have the same great experience if I was in car.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    I think that is fine but I'd have to say you'd need to make some concessions if and when you have kids. Then the risk of them growing up without a parent has to take precedence over "your need for speed".

    My niece lost the father of her baby daughter about 8 months ago due to HIS stupid decision to pass a bigrig while on a motorcycle at a place on our mountain road where you shouldn't pass at all. He was brain-dead and they donated his organs after a few days of praying that he would wake up.

    I would curtail my adventures for awhile as a parent. No jumping out of planes, no wrestling alligators, no passing bigrigs on mountain roads.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh my gosh . . . look what is in the news this morning.

    Woman killed on first walk after motorcycle crash - U.S. News
  14. by   FNP2B1
    Absolutely! I have 4 motorcycles in my garage right now. A crotch rocket, an enduro, a cruiser and a dirt bike. My girlfriend, I and her son all go riding out in the desert on the weekends. I also paraglide and paramotor when I can.

    Life is short. You have to have fun or life is going to suck. A ship is safe in a port but it never goes anywhere...very cliche but true.

    Prior to becoming a FNP I spent my nursing career in a Level I trauma/icu. I saw it all and it never bothered me. If you live your life wondering "what if", you're screwed. I've seen plenty of people in the icu with horrible injuries via walking across the street, riding their bicycle or falling at home.

    Go have fun and live life!