Do you love people?

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    Do you love people?

    How do you use the word love?

    This ? has been on mind i use the word love sometimes very quickly and if another person doesn't know me as i may not come off appropriately.......

    Of course, let's get the other side of this word done with, lust, ................oh, yes, micro can do this also..........

    but this is not what i speak of here.......

    at this point i was going to write out "exactly what websters posted love as.........but my old eyes and the late hour.......

    just from micro's heart and memory=
    LOVE: a great feeling and desire for the good and wellness of another person; a deep, unexplained caring about another person.....even unexplained and not quite understood by the feeler of the love; a care and deep need to give of self to another or to a group.........; etc.......

    sometimes you just love another person, never seen or known........

    sometimes you just love a group of people..............

    sometimes you even have the nerve to LOVE YOURSELF...............

    now, to love one's enemies........this i am just beginning to take a hold of and live......

    to love with one's be free to be yourself and let others be themselves with you..............

    with love takes risks.........but then again the most looked up to and revered people in these ages have loved so deeply that others did not understand..........

    and the love that i am learning to know is way less than that......but i can hope to attain that........

    so, all here on the forum that i cannot seem to break myself of.........

    I LOVE YOU AND I MEAN IT................

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  3. by   aimeee
    I think the Love you are speaking of is the Love with a capital L, Micro. What some would call Agape.

    The word love is used quite flippantly these days. We really should use 9 or 10 different words for what we mean by love. We mean one love sometimes and people think we mean another.

    You are on quite a spiritual journey, Micro. Thanks for taking us along with you.
  4. by   roden58
    I love people and get funny looks when I say so. I can love you with out knowing you and some don't understand what I mean.

    Also I don't hate.... I don't have enemies...........every thing is beautiful and I love...........sorry I can not explain any better
  5. by   shootemrn
    Think I smell a group hug coming ...OMG!:kiss
  6. by   live4today
    Oh Micro, I just LUUUUUVVVV YOU SO MUCH!!! :kiss Your post makes me eyes quite teary indeed! You have such a heart of gold! That's so easily felt whenever I read anything you write. You are a true lover of souls - IMHO. (((((HUGS)))))

    When I say I love you to someone, I really mean it. Once I love someone, I always love them no matter what they do or say, or how they end up treating me. I don't believe that true love can be turned off and on like a water faucet. Love is love that way for me. I embrace strangers everyday in these arms of love of mine and I truly feel a love for them. I have held hands of many patients in my time, and felt a strong sense of love (deep caring and compassion) for them. I can read an article in the newspaper about a family or person in need, see a hurting family on the news, and feel love for them...desire to embrace them and help them 'feel better'. Every time I pass a cemetary and see someone's loved one being buried with the relatives standing all around, I pray for them in their hour of grief and loss....that's love. When I see a funeral possession passing by, I pray for the family. When I hear the siren of a firetruck or ambulance or police car, I take a moment to pray for those who may be injured that they are going to rescue...that is love. When I take money out of my purse and give it to a homeless person...that is love --- for what can they give me in return? When I get irate over a child being molested...that is my love coming forth for that child. When I cry the tears a mother cries for her wayward child...that is love of the deepest kind...the most painful kind. When the man I will always love chooses to walk out on me and love someone else, and I still long for him in my heart...that is love that will never die because it was real and true and innocent and honest love.

    I pass love everyday of my life. I live love everyday of my life. I experience love everyday of my life. Never a day goes by that I am not reminded of the greatness of the power of love. :kiss
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  7. by   nursejws
    You guys are going to make me . I can totally relate to what you're saying. Love is very powerful, regardless of the meaning.
  8. by   Ted
    good thread!

    as already mentioned, there's "agape". deep in my heart is a strong love . . . "agape" . . . for human-kind. seems to have always been there. . . maybe it's my "pk" upbringing.

    with regards to the more "one on one", male/female-type relationships, for the longest time i've confused love with lust (sex). . . especially during my late teen early twenty years. without going into details, it was extremely tough for me to learn and appreciate the difference between the two. i now appreciate the difference between the two. wish i knew "then" what i know "now". but i guess learning the difference was just "part of the journey of life" for me.

    agape. part of the reason i love nursing is because i am able to express my love and caring for human-kind in a meaningful way. i know it sounds corney, but it's true. trust me, i do not feel "warm and fuzzy" all of the time for everyone who crosses my path. without a doubt, there are some personality-types that totally piss me off. but i do hold a basic respect for all individuals, which stems from my "agape" , simply because they are human.

    "honor their mistakes--
    everybody makes--
    fight for their mistakes--
    one another's terrible mistakes."

    believe it or not . . . for a lot of reasons . . . it is this thought that warms my heart towards humanity even more. we all make mistakes. i believe that how we deal with the mistakes we've made can help shape us (teach us) to be more empathetic and loving. this thought keeps me humble. this thought also helps me "deal" (cope) with the personalities that "totally piss me off". finally, this thought also helps me feel so not alone. . .

    despite all the pain and ugliness i've witnessed and experienced thoughout my short 42 years of living, i hold human-kind very dear to my heart. i do love people. agape, i guess.

    to be honest, though. i'm not optimistic towards our survival as a species. too much anger; too much fear; too much of "not willing to take risks and changes that is different from the 'norm' ". too much apathy. but this is another topic for another thread.

    peace . . .

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  9. by   mario_ragucci
    Love is easy to do. You don't have to think about it. Love is in the air. it's a binding force of all living organisms (eu and pro karotes)
    You can hold back love. And then there is hate, which is opposite of love. In human limbic systems, some folks get their hate/love crossed.
    Life is love and death is hate. some folks are walking dead. I love you Micro :-)
  10. by   hapeewendy
    I confess I confess
    I am a lover of ppl, children and animals!!!!!!
    the word love has always been a tricky one for me..
    still is tricky but I'm getting it more and more as time goes on.
    I love different ppl/things in different ways.
    thats what It means to love, it means to attach these feelings of great emotional highs and intensity to someone/something and enjoy the benefits thereof.....
    I have always loved people, and always will
    each person I've encountered along my way has taught me something, including many of you....
    there isnt an emotion quite as powerful as love...
    if you are able to love and get love then you have something that money cannot buy!
    so yeah, in repetetion, I love in different ways
    I love my parents in the wholesome daughter loving way, I love my cat in the unconditional youre the closest thing I have to a child kinda way, I've loved the boys/guys/men in my life (not all that many but its quality not quantity) in a make my heart flutter, wanting to be near you and hold your hand kinda way , I love ben affleck and matt damon in a purely lustful way, I love my fellow nurses in a , I appreciate what you do and am happy to be associated with you kinda way
    I love my patients in a I am glad to be able to help you in your time of need and thank you for teaching me valuable lifes lessons along the way kind of way
    etc etc it goes on
    I can say that I love each of you in some way or another, based on who has responded here lets just see :

    Aimee - I love your thoughtful and inspirational posts and your support for your fellow nurses

    roden58 - I just LOVED this latest post of yours!
    you go! the world needs more of you....

    shootemrn- I love the fact that you poke fun in a purely nice way

    cheerfuldoer - I love that you are the kind of nurse that I would love to be, and your eloquent posts are something that brings me great joy.

    nursejws and efiebke - I love you both cuz you crack me up and I can relate to most of what you both say most of the time!

    I think I saved two of my favourites for the end
    mario and micro , what to say what to say?
    you two are the scarecrow and tinman to my dorothy... I enjoy you both to no end
    and really do have nothing but warm fuzzies for you both
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Today, I dont love anybody. I am just in one of those moods where I wish I was someone else somewhere else.
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    I love Golf
  13. by   Ted
    As said before . . . great thread!

    Regarding your shared thoughts on love, Hapeewendy . . . ditto. Well said!

  14. by   MPHkatie
    I have though long about this post- not because I don't love people, or that I have not thought about it... but more because I do and I have . See, I do some volunteer work at a center where I live that is totally dedicated to creating extraordinary communities- I talk about it a lot because it has been such a transforming experience for me. What I learned though the center and my volunteering has been about unconditional love- which is sooooo hard some days in my job- I have learned that I get to love even the most putrid/rude/obnoxious drunk patients, those who are completely insane, those who feign insanity- and want a free meal, and those who are hypervigilant. It is strange, but on a really bad day when I hold these folks to their highest possibilites and remember that at some point this person was a tiny baby/child- full of possibility and dreams (No one says, when I grow up, I want to be a schizophrenic/drunk/abusive person) I can really love them. I don't have to say I love you, because I think actions speak ion these cases.
    And yes it doesn't stop at work, I call all my friends on the phone and sing to them, send them notes, and just be with them telling them all the time how much I love them... and funny, they love it too. In my very humble opinion, people aren't actually stingy with love, they are just so afraid to share because we all have been shot down and hurt so many times (yes romatincally, but also say, by our own parents, families, friends etc)

    This might have been a little off topic, guys, but I hope you will indulge me. You guys are great, and of course, I love you even the ones I have yet to meet