Do you like your white shoes?

  1. This is something that bothers me and while I know its a trivial matter compared to many of the issues rasied, it still bothers me.

    Why are nurses required (in Canada) to wear white shoes. As a male I have almost always worn black or tan colored shoes and I consider white shoes to be very unprofessional. Even professional white shoes always remind me of sneakers. White shoes feel like a label that lessens our status in the hospital, and when I ask why we are required to wear white no-one can give me an explaination thats not stupid. "Its tradition"..."because thats what nurses wear" etc.

    I see MDs wearing any footwear they like and they almost never wear white shoes. I am currently looking at several quality shoes and will probably buy a pair of Brickenstocks, however I am buying a black pair and hope that nobody says anything.

    LOL that my 2cents.
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  3. by   joannep
    Come to Australia. We all wear black/brown/navy whatever you want. No problem. Why is white so traditional for you?
  4. by   thisnurse
    i used to have white shoes, now they are more bone
  5. by   canoehead
    I wore white shoes when I wore a white uniform. But I thought I looked kind of dorky in a colored uniform with white shoes so I bought brown. I can't recall any hospital I worked for specifying white shoes unless they specified all white.
  6. by   PhantomRN
    Times are changing. My hospital no longer specifies that shoes have to be white.....they just need to look professional.
    I find that the nurses themselves hold onto the white shoe idea. I wear black shoes and when I first started wearing them MANY nurses said they look nice but that they should not be worn by a nurse.
  7. by   nightingale
    It seems archaic.

    I were white shoes a lot b my own choice. I like the look with my white lab coat. I wear the lab coat and white shoes because I prefer that. Never been told otherwise. I like the lab coat because of the pockets.

    Is it in the Nurse Practice Act or just engraved in stone for the facilities sake? Maybe you could talk to the powers that be and empliment a change.

    I just bought some Navy Naturlizer brand shoes. Dorky as all get out but they were on sale and VERY comfortable.

    Hang in there.. change is good..... see what you can do! sometimes it is possible!

  8. by   fergus51
    Our hospital requires white. The reason is that you can see if they are dirty. We are not supposed to wear our shoes outside of the hospital, so black and tan are our because it is really hard to tell if they have been worn elsewhere (a lot of nurses like to wear their work shoea out I guess). You can spot dirty white shoes a mile away. For that reason, I think it's probably a good thing.
  9. by   nursedawn67
    I wore all white shoes in nursing school and various places of employment because that is what was required. The LTC facility where I am now doesn't have that requirement, we all tend to wear atheletic shoes, but they do have to be clean and neat looking. We tend to do alot of running after alarms and residents that are going to or have fallen.
  10. by   babynurselsa
    I guess my pink (neon) Birkenstocks would be a no-no in Canada then huh?
  11. by   tiger
    our facility recently came up with this idea. nursing will wear all white tennis shoes but can wear any color clogs. how stupid is that?????? and if nursing has to wear all white then so should all hands on health care members. my two cents. janet
  12. by   Q.
    I don't know think we have such a policy. I've seen nurses on my floor where blue clogs, probably because our scrubs are blue. I'm not sure about my clinic, but I have both white AND black Birks. I'd love to wear the black just to have a change of pace.
  13. by   aussie oi oi oi
    Oh yeah did I mention that anybody who works in saudi arabia has to wear white shoes as part of the uniform, to match the white trosuers, (male and female ) and the white jacket that looks like a cooks jacket!!!!!! But hey who cares, they wash and iron the uniforms and mend them everytime I tear them.

    Dying for the wear what ever you you like as long as it is white and navy and whatever colour shoes you want of aussie hospitals. But en shallah (god willing).
  14. by   shay
    I luvs my yellow clogs.