Do You Have Kids?

  1. Me and my husband have been married now for about 2 months, we were talking this morning about having kids. I work 3rd shift (7p-7a) and he works 2nd shift (usually 2p-1a). We were talking about how we would care for our child while we work.
    I'm curious about how any of you with young children deal with crazy scheduling.
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    hi Misti,
    I have two darlin/rotten kids 6 and 5. I've worked full time rotating 12's since they were tiny.
    When I first went back to work after the eldest was born, Mom took care of her (thank God for Grandmas).
    After my son was born we tried a variety of daycare options until we found one that we really liked.
    Now that they are both in school, it is easier. Hubby can flex to pick them up after school when I'm working days, and when I'm working nights, I've just about ( ) had enough slepp to pick them up. (i'm sure the school thinks that I drink, the way I look when I pick them up ).
    The nice thing about shift work and weeknd work is that daycare options are pretty flexible. My kids were only ever in daycare about ten times per month with me working full time.
    Lots of places now have a weekend worker type of schedule that offers full time pay if you work every weekend.
    Good luck!
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Unfortunately, I do not have any children yet. But not from lack of trying-:-(
  5. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    Misti-Z you posted exactly what I'm going thru. I work 7p-7a also and have been discussing w/the hubby what our plans will be and we don't have family near us. THat gets into daycare facilities and we're on the fence about them. I see where it will be easier when they are school age, but how has anyone handled it w/very young? We discussed how we'd work it IF I could convince them to put me on weekend option, but my hubby off every wkend means no need for daycare, but no free time together when he's not exhausted from work!

    Kaknurse...I'm rootin' for ya. I know you've been trying from past posts. I saw on another thread you're living w/in-laws....soooo glad you are having a good experience! (I did not).
  6. by   acarroll
    Depends on how you define "kid".,y son is thirty five. I worked 3-11 shift once he was in high school and my husband swung shift weekly. My Mom lived a couple of blocks away so it wasn't that hard for us. I was a stay at home Mom when he was younger, but worked a couple of shifts a month on my husband's day off.If they called me in to cover at the last minute, I took him to the nursing home with me.The patients loved it and he thought all kids had twenty or thirty grandparents.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    Nursz-r- awesome,

    Thanks for the support! Only my husbands mother is living with us. His father passed away in 1992. I never met him but things would probably be much different if he were still alive, I am sure. I think also that my mother in law likes having her youngest son in the house--as an added security matter so to speak!

    Don't know what the child care arrangements would be if I ever do have the honor of becoming a mother. My mother is about a half hour away in Pennsylvania--she would be free childcare but we'd have to drive out of out way to take a child there. but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it!

  8. by   tinkertoys
    I've worked nights (11-7, and now 7p-7a) since my youngest was 3 months old. I actually did this BECAUSE of the kids.... My husband is self-employed, and I chose to work these hours so that one of us would always be home for the kids. While working 11-7, I would nap in the am while the little one napped, then I was good until hubby got home late afternoon. I'd put supper on, then sleep till work time. After starting nursing school, we were blessed to have a close friend able to watch the kids when my husband couldn't. Now, they're all in school, and I'm working 7p-7a. I've arranged it so that my work days are clumped together... so I essentially have every other week off to be a 'normal mom'. God Bless my husband, he plays "MR. Mom" during my work stretch. It's not a 'normal' life, but it works for us
    With both of you working evenings, you may have to get creative. Is it possible for either of you to change shifts? That would simplify a lot. What kind of family support system do you have? Having family who can watch your children can eliminate a lot of headaches... not the least of which is what to do when the little one's not feeling well. or needs potty-trained.
    I hope you take your time with your decision... you are still new in your life together... When the time is right, you'll have the answers you need.
    God bless you both!!!!
  9. by   Ted
    Been married almost 15 years . . . no kids though. We tried a lot, did the fertility testing thing and found out I was shooting blanks. Definately a disappointment. I get the Daddy urges every so often . . . usually when parents play with their kids.

    Got a big dog, though. We play around together . . . the dog usually wins.

    Ted Fiebke
  10. by   nurs4kids
    I have two small children (16months and 30 months). Both my husband and I work night shift. Were it not for my hubby's wonderful aunt, I don't think we could survive. I work three 12's a week, so like another poster said, I get four days out of seven to be a real mom..on the three I work, I get two or three good hours with them a day (real depressing at times). I threw around the idea of going to days for the kids and decided it wouldn't be much better. It isn't very conventional, but the difference to me is where most "normal" moms are home with their kids in the evenings, they still have to work five days whereas I work three.

    You must have solid babysitting lined up, and expect to pay even for family. If you're not paying, they're not obligated. Even grandparent's have a life, so they dont' want to be your full time babysitter. I pay my aunt/sitter the same I'd be paying at a daycare. My benefit? I make more $$ working nights, and my kids are kept in my home. Good luck!!

    Hang in there, Kelly!! Keep trying, girl!!! That's the fun part
  11. by   kaycee
    I have two kids now 15 and 17. Since they were babies I have worked steady 3-11 and my husband works steady 11-7. This way one of us was always at home with the kids, so we didn't have to use day care. We lived close to relatives who would come over for the 1hr time between when my husband left and I came home until they got old enough to be alone. My kids are very close to their dad because he was Mr. Mom when I wasn't there.
    I know my husband and I didn't see alot of each other but we've been married almost 20yrs and are still going strong(maybe that's why LOL).
    We write lots of notes and since he's a cop in the area where the hospital is, he meets me in the parking lot at the end of my shift(which is the beginning of his) and we discuss whatever's happening with the kids or whatever else we need to catch up on.
    Anyway what ever you decide you will work something out, with kids you always do. Good luck