Do you guys do this?

  1. When I am away from work, I really don't care what my co workers are doing, and what kind of gossip is happening there. If anything really exciting goes on, someone will usually update me with the highlights after my days off, but I don't get into all the details or the minor stuff. When I have been away from the BB for a while though, I can't wait to get back and see what is going on. I was away for almost a week, and am still trying to get caught up with all the posts. There were several thousand though, so I will never get through all of them. I have just been going over the topics and reading what looks interesting. So why am I more interested in the gossip here than IRL? Maybe it's because I can stay a little more detached here? I do care about my friends at work, I just don't want to get too involved with gossip there.
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Yup! Although there is lot of chatter at work, we are intimately involved with most of what is said and done there, and don't want to do anything that upsets the balance of nature. On this board, we tend to be a little more free, sometimes, because we aren't face-to-face with the people we are talking with.

    Also, this is a worldwide group that bring their thoughts to the table here, and we get perspectives that we might not in our somewhat narrower real-life worlds. That invites us to expand on our thoughts, and before you know it, kaplooey! Someone vents, and we all get spattered. There have been a couple of pretty big vents this week. Be glad that you weren't at close range!
  4. by   Lausana
    Yep. I think because we choose to come here and look forward to seeing what's going on...where as with work or with in-person friends, we don't have a choice & know we'll hear about it like it or not :chuckle ....I look forward to the openness & diversity here...and here no one trys to make me go to a Pampered Chef party or buy crap from "Sarah's" brownie troop, etc

    I'm going to see my best friend for the 1st time in two weeks tomorrow, yet I see you guys everyday...:uhoh21: ssshhh, I won't tell if you don't I admit it...I like it better in here sometimes :roll
  5. by   Mattigan
    Yes, I do. There is such a diversity here .. I always learn something. Nurse people here ...mostly know what I know. It's nice to hear how things are other places. Although, I understand how cyber relationships can be close , logging off is always an option and usually not IRL.