Do you dye your hair?

  1. O. K. It's 1:30 AM. My ONE and ONLY patient is safely sleeping with his heart a-beating . . . Sinus Brady in the 50's.

    And I'm BORED!

    So . . . .

    Do you dye your hair?

    Being a guy, I don't. Not that guys don't dye their hair. Some do.

    They're wierd.

    As for you girls. . . Well, my wife is a girl. . . er, a woman. And without a doubt, she dyes her hair. Her hair would be silver if she didn't!

    Now, probably right about now you're asking yourself, "Would Amy Kill Ted for sharing this information???"

    Well, probably. But she's sleeping! I'm not! :chuckle

    She's an actress. She dyes her hair, wears wigs, does whatever she needs to do to look the part. And she's proud of it! And she's good at it! Amy really does know how to manage hair with dye, wigs, curlers, whatever. People actually ask her to help them with their hair and make-up . . . both females and males!

    So, she probably wouldn't be too pissed if she read this particular thread!

    O. K., folks, what's the answer? Do you dye your hair?!?!?


  2. Poll: Do you dye your hair?

    • Yes!

      71.43% 55
    • Yes - but don't tell anyone!

      5.19% 4
    • No!

      20.78% 16
    • No - but don't tell anyone!

      1.30% 1
    • None of your freakin' business!

      0% 0
    • Dye my hair? What hair?

      1.30% 1
    77 Votes
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  4. by   alwaysthere
    it is currently a jet black...wich goes better with my Celtic looks than my natural color
    it couldnt make up its mind
    it was going auburn
    blond and
    brown at the same time !!
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I was born a tow headed girl . . . and got darker as I got older. Now I have some gray so I have had my hair highlighted for about 10 years. Most women I know do some kind of coloring to their hair. Not a big deal . .
  6. by   Disablednurse
    I used to keep mine dyed with a red tint in it, simply because my husband likes red hair. He did not make me or treat me any differently whether it was dyed or not. I just did it for him, because I love him. He doesn't care really what color it is. Now God had frosted my hair for me. Because of back problems, cannot sit up long enough to do it anymore, wish I could.
  7. by   karenG
    of course I do!! my natural dark brown has lightened over the years and the white doesnt help!!!!!!!!!! so now its a deep copper colour and its staying that way!!!!!!!!:roll

  8. by   unbridled
    I have very fine, limp hair. In humidity, my hair doesn't frizz like most people's hair - it goes even more limp and lays flat against my head. So I used to keep it permed, but as the gray started coming in I decided to start coloring as well. The result was not pretty - my hair was pretty much fried. So I had to make a choice - color or perm, but not both. Color won out and my hair has been a shade of red (original color was brown with a lot of natural red highlights) ever since. My current fave color is Feria Chocolate Cherry - I get lots of compliments on the shade.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    My hair is currently a cinnamon/brown shade. I've been using thee Colour Experte kit from L'Oreal, 5.5 Cinnamon Stick. I love it. Hubby prefers it a dark brown but I need something different once in a while, you know?
  10. by   Ted
    I never dyed my hair. . . .

    I'll leave that chore up to my loving wife! :chuckle

  11. by   aimeee
    I have a lot of gray in my hair and I am NOT ready for it yet! But I have a pro color it because when I tried to do it myself it seemed like the color would just not take well to the grays. The one bonus of the grays is that those wiry hairs really give it a lot more body than it used to have. Of course, now it shoots every which way in the humidity, but at least its not laying flat on my head!
  12. by   er_nurse_tracey
    Not at the gray stage just yet
    Not doubt I will start once it begins-

  13. by   SingingNurse2
    I started going gray at 25, I wouldn't have minded but it was coming in as a skunk stripe so it is definitely colored and will remain that way until I'm in my 60's if I have anything to say about it! ^_^
  14. by   colleen10
    I voted Yes but don't tell anyone!

    I'm with AlwaysThere, my hair is very dark brown/black and I think it goes better with my green eyes and pale skin. I look a bit more "Black Irish" than typical Irish people with red hair and light eyes.

    Plus, it makes my hair shiney and much more manageable than if I didn't.

    For years I was having it dyed at the hair dressers and making it blonder and lighter and finally I decided it was way too expensive so I had her dye it back to my natural color. Now no one (including my mother who has naturally black hair) believes "dark" is my natural color. I then decided that since it's just one color I can dye it myself at home and save some $$.
  15. by   adrienurse
    I'm getting a complex because everyone around me is going grey. My sister is really going grey and my friend Cam too. Fortunately I am not.

    Doesn't stop me from dying my hair though. I admit I have had it highlighted with some blond a few times. I did it myself with a Feria kit a few weeks ago. Now I'm a dark red and orange head.