Dixie Darlings!

  1. Wow! This has made my day! So many neighbors!
    UMMM. I will be starting school in Bainbridge GA in Jan. but the program is through Darton College of Albany. Hopefully I can get most of clinicals in Thomasville. I hate driving! I am originally from Brunswick, so a big "hey!" goes out to Freebird Waycross! I drive through it pretty regularly going to Bwk! And hey! I have lived in Tifton too...taught high school for a couple of years there! I am also quite familiar with ABAC. And yes Nursedianne! "I" know the joke!!! heehee! :roll I went to college the "first" time in Valdosta. I am so happy to meet each of you! SharonMH31 do you miss Thomasville? I am living here b/c my husband teaches nearby...I want to get closer to Bwk though! That is my home!
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