Disposable diapers,disposable kids?

  1. Hello my allnurses family. Here's a query for you. Does it seem that a lot more mother's are killing their kids in order to solve their problems? It seems after the Susan Smith case anything became possible. Please help me with this as it's extremely troubling to me. Are we in the 'END TIMES'? I would like to know. I understand the pressures that exist, but MY GOD DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON THE CHILDREN. THEY ARE INNOCENT!! THEY DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN INTO THIS CRAZY PATCHWORK QUILT WE CALL A WORLD. Oh man. I guess I got a tad upset. Sorry. Didn't mean to.Back to your regular programming already in progress. Warrior Woman.
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  3. by   live4today
    Warrior Woman....my guess is if people had to obtain a college degree in parenting BEFORE being allowed to birth any children, what a dry world this would be, and there wouldn't be a need for L&D, Newborn Nursery, or Ante/Post-Partum Units. :chuckle

    Then......if we were MADE to obtain a college degree in parenting, WHO would be hired to teach the classes??? There would have to be a "PERFECT" human being to teach those classes. Where would we find one of those??? :chuckle

    Actually....since you and I are both Believers in God, and accept Jesus as the Teacher to model our lives after, only He could teach such a class to me because no other form of teaching would be good enough for any children I would bear. :kiss We are blessed to have lessons of His life in the Holy Word, and there is an abundant supply of parental lessons in the Holy Bible for us to learn from...scripture to both learn and live as parents...scripture that instructs parents on how to raise their children, and how not to. I thank God for His Book of Parenting Instructions. Without it, I don't think I could have survived parenting, and my three children would probably not be the little lovelies that they are today. :kiss
  4. by   warrior woman
    You are SOOOOOOOOO right Renee. But,there are so many lost and damaged souls out ther that don't know these things. How do we reach them and help stop the madness? Theresa.
  5. by   live4today
    We just live the way we are commanded to live by The ONE we serve....Almighty God....and spread His love to others by way of our own personal example.....WALKING THE TALK we believe in.

    We love people based on where they are at in their lives.....not trying to change them......just accepting them as they are......as God accepts you and I as we are. He didn't ask you or I to change BEFORE coming to Him, He ask that we trust and be obedient in Him, come as we are to Him, and He will do the rest....but still NOT without our surrendering over to Him our freewill. So....ultimately.....the choice to live a better life all around is to be willing to make a change for the betterment of ALL mankind....not for selfish reasons that many human beings undertake. :kiss
  6. by   warrior woman
    Amen sister amen!! Once again I stand hunbled and in awe.:kiss Thanks again. Warrior Woman.
  7. by   debralynn
    Because I don't understand why parents kill their children, I have no solution. Yes they must be mentally ill, but I agree, they seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately! Just like the Andrea Yates case. The only thing that comes to my mind, MENTAL ILLNESS, MENTAL ILLNESS, MENTAL ILLNESS. And lets face it, that is still a topic no one wants to discuss. I mean for example, homosexuality, obesity, are topics just now being explored and freely talked about in our society. Hopefully one day, mental illness will also be explored in such depth!
  8. by   pkmom
    Warrior, don't apologize for being angered by such horrific behavior. If we apologize like it really isn't anything to get upset about, we become desensitized to it and then it becomes commonplace. Don't ever apologize for a righteous anger.
    But here's another idea...why are we so surprised when this stuff happens? We are all in a hurry, saying "how are you" as just a greeting and we pass someone in the halls and not really caring how they are or taking the time to really talk and share. So many are scared to share their troubles with someone for fear of being labeled or gossiped about or rejected, therefore, so many live along side others but in total isolation. Our society is so selfish and so messed up that we all need therapy just make it through the day sometimes. When we as a society ignore the needs of others, we injure ourselves. If we made relationships top priority, we may have less money, but we would have happier coworkers, neighbors, and even drivers. I think we would have less crime if people who needed to talk had a confidant, so they could share their problems to a sympathetic ear instead of robbing a bank to get some attention. Just an idea!
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  9. by   Rustyhammer
    We can be horrified by the actions of others but realistically we can only report to ourselves.

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