DisneyWorld perk for being a nurse...

  1. As nurses, we are eligible for huge discount at the Swan and Dolphin hotels that are on WDW property...you ask for the NURSE discount and a standard room is $129 (usually over $200). You just need your ID or nursing license when you check in. Also, if you aren't a nurse and work for a government agency...county hospitals included (PERS) you are eligible for the same discount! So....need to go on vacation now?

    There website is www.swandolphin.com
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  3. by   Chellyse66
    Cool, thanks I did not know that and I live in Florida. I am planning to go to Disney this summer and never stayed in the park hotels because they were so high. I am going to use this info
    If you find anymore post them!!

    p.s. Do they give park attraction discounts too? or is that pushing it LOL