Disaster Depression

  1. Disaster Depression

    By KYW Medical Editor Dr. Brian McDonough

    (09/26/01) There have been several reports that as many as 70 percent of Americans have experienced some form of depression since the bombings over two weeks ago.

    According to psychologists, it is quite normal to have these feelings, but at the two-week point they should start to fade.

    Certainly the memory, the sorrow, and the horror should not fade, nor should the respect for those who gave their lives. But the impact should lessen in our day-to-day activities.

    If you feel that you or a loved one are still experiencing severe psychological issues, it is time to get some help. Again, if it is not interfering in your lives, don't worry -- it will pass. But if you are altering your life or paralyzed by fear or having difficulty sleeping, reach out for help.
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  3. by   coff51
    nrskarenrn--- thanx for the article AND unwritten reminder that we must take care of ourselves ---that suffering in silence is surely not in one's best interest . we must keep chipping away at the wrongful claim and stigma that seeking help for our most precious commodity, our MIND---- since oftentimes that is all we are left with in the late autumn of ou lives--- should not be seen as a WEAKNESS, but as taking good care of our mental health in much the same way that we regard our headaches, gall bladders,insulin requirements and other physical diagnoses... surely we realize that in modern life it is tough enough to keep our serotonin receptors in tip top shape. but with an insult such as this ---of such massive proportions---its very diffcult to stay on top of our game without some well deserved attention being payed to our psyche. much can be said for the certain advances the psych field in the last 30 yrs. and if you think you're immune to emotional upsets---maybe you're the exact client that would be ever so surprised at what modern treatment---medicine or not--- could enable you to conquer and thus be an ever so valuable support person for your loved ones and strangers waiting to benefit from your healthy attitudes and total regard for all our body systems---seen---and unseen. PEACE....