1. My sister who is also an RN had a disabling career ending injury by a patient. She was working one end of the floor while her colleague had gone to check on someone. She heard rails rattling and went to investigate. The patient wasn't settling down. It was apparent that she was going into DTs. The doctor was notified and he ordered po Valium 5 mg which we all know iw worth squat. He also denied the patient had a problem, which he later acknowledge. My sister then heard the rails again to see that she didn't fall out of bed. Well, the patient wanted to say something She leaned over slightly to hear the restless patient who then grabbed her stethoscope and pulled her down trying to bite her face. Her instinct of course was to pull back. The weigh at that point was considered to be one and a half times the patient's weight. She notified the supervisor and was sent to the ER for evaluation. She was put in a cervical collar and sent home to see her own doctor. As it turned out she now has a titanium plate with screws in her neck and is disabled and willnot be able to work as a nurse ever again. She had just finished her probation so that she was a regular employee. She had to sue the hospital for paying the bills and she got less than a years salary and has a life long of pain. She also has developed TMJ and RSD in her left arm and hand. By the way the patients diagnosis was a possible ruptured lumbar spine disc and went home the next day. My sister now has an indwelling punp giving her intrthecal medication for pain and even with that she still has it so please what ever you do don't put your stethoscope around the neck so the same doesn't happen to you. Most you can put over the shoulder or in a pocket.
    I have had my own problems with the medical community. I had an MRI as I was falling and they wanted to rule out a tumor. Instead they found and empty sella turcica which the pituitary is located. Well, it was read as empty with the pituitary being flattened. It occurs in 5% of the world's population and ususally on autopsy. My internist sent me immediately to an endocrinologist where I found that I have almost no growth hormone and I will take shots the rest of my life if able to do it. This problem had to be congenital as that and an optic nerve tumor is the only cause known at present. I had weighed up to 425 which the endo said was caused by the GH. She said most of the issues I have it was the root cause. I do not weigh that amount as I had stapling and bypass. If the technology was available as a teen it would not have happened and most of my docs say my life would be very different as I would not have needed the surgeries and ended up having ECT for depression. As a result of all i was asked to leave my employer but they denied that was the reason. When I had the ECT my name was on the OR list and every nurses' station posted it for the next day. They had violoated confidentioally which if you have something done do not go where you work or force them not to use your name and use a code name. In 1994 I had an MRI and MRA and it was read as NORMAL. My internist requested the report and films and it is clear as day that the empty sella is there as well as a cyst in the parietal area. A comparison was never made and it was read believe it or not by the same radilologist. The docs said it treatment had begun even then I would still be working. I have looked into an attorney and have been told that I had to file withing 4 years of the error when I only found out in May so be careful and request that a second radiologist reads any films you have done. The films were suppose to be purged with the report at 7 years in Fl and I was lucky. In 88 I had a CT which was also read as normal as one doc has the report but no films If it had been noted then I would have been able to have children if I wanted if I had be treated So my colleagues always ask for a second opinion
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