Dirty Bomb

  1. Well, we heard on the news yesterday that an American citizen, who had not lived in the US since 1998, was arrested on re-entry into this country on May 8. He was transferred to Charleston to the Navy Brig yesterday to be kept, basically, incommunicado. You see, during the time he was out of the country, this "citizen" was being educated by Al Quida.

    Alledgedly, this person was going to prepare and detonate a "dirty bomb" in a large US city. Some think this was supposed to be Washington, D.C.

    Do you think there is any likelihood of controlling the efforts of the terrorists who can do things like this to other human beings? There are so many ways we can injure one another. Is this what our future will be like? I DO NOT want terrorism to control our daily lives, but will we live as the Israelis do, going about our daily lives, knowing that the person next to us might be the one who will end our lives? I cannot imagine living like that. Do any of you have any ideas as to how this tide of terrorism could be slowed? Any ideas as to how we regular "Jane and Joe Citizen" types could assist, besides being "watchful, and aware of our surroundings?"
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Great question, Cathy. I wonder if we will turn into "Paranoid Citizens" living in constant fear. I would really like to hear from someone who lives in Israel who can speak on how you go about your daily life with suicide bombers acting out almost on a daily basis. How? In God's name, How? We can't get nervous when someone of middle eastern descent gets on the bus. Timothy McVeigh sure wasn't middle eastern. This dirty bomber guy is of Hispanic descent and converted to Islam. So there are no easy ways to identify a terrorist. None. I don't know what to say...:stone
  4. by   CATHYW
    Another terrorist bombing in Israel yesterday. More warnings here at home about....what?! Does anyone really know?

    Good news-my daughter and family are coming up today, for 11 days! I am so excited. My grandson is 5, will be 6 in Nove. My granddaughter just turned 1. I wonder, so often, what thte future will hild for them. I wish I knew something that we citizen-types couldo to ensure it!
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    Yes, we hear alot of alerts about potential threats to Americans. Dirty bombs, hot bombs, bio bombs, poison bombs, airline bombs. Lately, I haven't heard about threats as much. Maybe the threat has gone and went away. Lets hope. No one wants to be at ground zero, for it can be a very windy place.
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  6. by   prn nurse
    I believe we can secure the future for our grandchildren by becoming informed citizens. We need to ask ourselves why the current terrorist situation exists? Why is there three generations of Palestinians in the middle East who hate us enough to sacrifice their lives by bringing a bomb blast to our front doors?

    Stop hand wringing and worrying. Become an active member of democracy. When was the last time you spent thirty minutes writing a single page letter to your congressman or representative or president? Ask them what are they doing to undo arab hatred in the next three generations? Ask why your tax $$$, (it really is your money) is going to Israel? Why are we giving every Israeli citizen $3000,00 a year and giving zero dollars to Palestinian Arabs? The Palestinians are living in refugee camps and in poverty. Sounds like a recipe for hatred.

    The rest of the world asks WHY our support is so unbalanced? Do you know the answer? If you don't, have you asked?
    We do have the means to end this situation. It is in your hands, your letters, your phone, your computer.

    You get what you demand. What have you demanded since 9-11?
  7. by   fergus51
    Do we really give sero to the Palestinians? I know charities here that collect money for them. Or are you just talking about tax dollars?
  8. by   prn nurse
    Ferg, think of 7 billion dollars a year coming into your province, year after year after year. This is United States Treasury Foreign Aid. It is money collected from our wages, "income tax", deposited into the U.S. Treasury Banks, and then checks totaling seven billion dollars per year are written ...wired ....to Israel.

    Israel is our largest recipient of foreign aid dollars.
    The country could not exist.....without American 's footing the bill. My latest complaint....$2,000,000.00 per mile for a fence. Israeli's obviously earn BIG salaries with my tax $. In the U.S., I doubt we have a highway costing $ 2,000,000 a mile. And our bridges are old and dangerous.

    This will turn out to be a Billion Dollar fence...."Pork Barrel Politics"
    Why don't we give a billion to the Palestinians and begin balancing the financial support in the Mideast?
    Begin diminishing the inequities?
    Begin treating both groups equitably?

    Americans would be free of this so called "terrorist angst". We will be spending > fifty billion dollars in "solutions" "terrorist control " here at home this year....why not use a few billion to decelerate arab anger / hatred?

    This terrorist angst is great for the politicians. They can use it for the next forty years to justify all kinds of expenditures, tax increases, .."we're taking your income to keep you safe."

    What a disgusting envoironment/culture to raise children in.
  9. by   DethOkay
    If we give a billion to the Palestinians they would have an A bomb, and much more military hardware.
    Israeil is a country with a democratic elected goverment whos leaders are elected and people can protest and or demostrate for chnage, unlike the Palestinians who hang people who desent against Arafats edicts. No where in Israeils constitution does it say there purpose is to destroy all arabs, However the palestinians constution has the clause to destroy the zionist where ever they find them .........

    these people, palastiniane like arafat, are fanatics and until INTERNAL change comes in palastine there will be strife. I think a fence is the best solution at the present time.......

    The only thing that could have greater impact on this situation is if we stop buying oil from ALL ARAB COUNTRIES. the day they run out of oil they run out of money and they run out of influence.

    They are like children living at home. they earn money without the responsibility of paying bills. They spend on foolish things, they have no social responsibility. the industralized nations of the west developed these oil fields, we built their industry, gave them the money to finance thier wars. If there was no oil there there would be no conflict because there would be no money to buy the weapons and influence.
    No arab nation in the middle east would hold ANY power except in their own country. They would dissolve and become much like west africa.
  10. by   donmurray
    Such sweeping racist generalisations are not worth comment.
  11. by   Danishakti
    Hello everybody.
    My name is Daniela, i`m from Hamburg, Germany.
    My English isn`t very well but nevertheless i want to talk to you.
    I have a general question. What are you really afraid of?
    Or better said: What are we (the western civilisation) afraid of?
    Im studying protastant-Religion, my really best friends are a turkish boy named Numan, studying economy, and a turkish girl named znur. Both believe in Allah. But i don`t know, where the problem is? Can`t it be possible that we all leave all our prejudices behind? Try to imagine, why people hate each other!
    I think, that each of us has the opportunity to change something in the world,even when it is just the way we think.
    You have to make yourself clear, what life is really worth; the two cars in front of the house, our wealth, or maybe the possibility to say what the truth is.
    Don`t misunderstand me, I don`t want to provoke anybody.
    But we`re all sitting in the same boat...
    Greetings from Hamburg,
    Daniela (Dani-El-a: hebrew; god is my judge)
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Daniela - You are doing great with the English! Welcome to the boards!
    I believe that some people thrive and prosper from hate. That is why it still exists. Just like people you know who are always angry - why are they always angry? They get used to that feeling and in a way, they are only used to functioning in an angry mode. When the things that make them angry are taken away, they find or create something else to fuel their anger. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it's how so very many people exist from day to day, and it's a hard cycle to break - especially if it is passed down from generation to generation.
    I agree, we are all in the same boat, and it's slowly starting to sink. Are we going to go down with the ship? Or, are we going to save as many people as we can in the life boats? How many of us will survive?
  13. by   mattsmom81
    This thread has really got me thinking. I had no idea so much aid was going to Israel. Why is this happening...I can understand SOME aid but why such exorbitant amounts....I realize they are a stabilizing element in that very volatile area but still I ??

    Hatred from that region of the country for the west has continued since the days of the Crusades....remember Bin Laden referring to Americans as 'those Crusaders?' .

    They are still in the mindset of people 1000 plus years ago...how do we Westerners communicate with people in this mindset??

    We had better learn, IMO.
  14. by   traumamomma
    A fence has the problem of defining territory. Would you put a fence in the middle of your yard? Of course not. What this fence will do is set up a defacto boundary, something the pro-settlement forces are against.