Dilaudid vs Demerol

  1. Now just 3 mornings ago, I finally went into ER as a pt. I had what I thought was Gall Bladder Disease. Turned out I was right. I was hurting pretty severely. I recieved Demerol 50 and Zofran 8 IV initially. Kept me from vomiting did nothing for the pain. Then he gave me 1 mg of Dilaudid and I thought I was in Heaven, literally. That dilaudid took care of the pain and gave me a Buzzzzz that was absolutely wonderfull. The high from Dilaudid is so much superior to that of Demerol. really. Dilaudid is wonderfull. I love it. I now, firsthand, Understand why people are allergic to all pain meds except Dilaudid.
    Now let me say I havent had any pain meds other than ASA in over 20 yrs. Actually and literally.broken leg, didnt want any. Broken arm , didnt want any, crushed vertebrae and I didnt want anything, just ASA.
    Now though, I think of all the wonderfull feelings that I missed. That Dilaudid is absolutely Divine. Dilaudid is Devine. How wonderfull. Give me more.

    My GB is now gone, removed.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Frankly I like crack better, but crystal meth when I need energy.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  4. by   live4today
    tom - hope your recovery is going well! :icon_hug: i've never had dilaudid myself (not that i know of anyway), but i have had demerol. demerol made me have bad dreams. heck, i don't need a drug to make me sleep and have bad dreams. being awake is a bad enough dream in and of itself.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    we use dilaudid for many of our hospice pts.
    it's cheap and effective.
    however, many md's are not familiar w/it and hesitate in prescribing.
    and it has a half-life of approx a gazillion yrs.
    so toxicity is a real potential with hepatic or renal insufficiency.
    but yes, it does make for marvelous analgesia....

  6. by   dianah
    Hmmm, is Tom posting from a Purple (Dilaudid) Haze???? Good that you got something so effective for pain relief! Hope your recovery is smooth!
  7. by   P_RN
    I had some surgery last week and my doctor prescribed Demerol and Phenergan IV. He says Morphine and Dilaudid don't work for what he did. Ouchie.

    I didn't know it was Demerol until I started to see the 10" long phlebitis......aaaarrrrrrgh. It's been 11 days and the streak is abating slowly.

    Glad to see Tom posting and gladder still that the GB is outta the way. I believe I'll develop an "allergy to Demerol" too.
  8. by   weetziebat
    Last winter, when I got a nasty burn, was put on all kinds of pain meds - that did absolutely nothing for the pain but did provide quite a buzz. Not what I needed, so doc prescribed Dilaudid. I took it and the pain was totally gone......but no buzz at all.

    Now I feel left out

    Tom, glad to hear your gallbladder problem has been solved, you're not in pain AND you got a great buzzzzzz. What more could a guy ask for, huh?
  9. by   nursemary9

    When I had my ByPass last Spring, they gave me Tordol IV around the clock; Then in between times, they gave me dilaudid 0.2 mg. Let me tell you, between those two drugs I was DOING FINE!!!

    The first dose of dilaudid was given a bit too quickly & I didn't like that feeling, but with the other doses, was VERY GOOD!!

    In the past, when I said I had a morphine allergy, they gave it to me anyway, but gave me benadry with it. The dilaudid was far superior to the morphine, for me!!

    Mary Ann
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My gb will have to go soon, so they tell me. I hate most narcs----demerol, morphine, codeine, blech. They make me nauseous as heck. HIGH? I don't know much bout that. I just get sick. Never have had Dilaudid.....did they give you this post op too or what? Tell me a bit more, since I am getting nervous about my own impending surgery.

    Glad you are better, Tom. So glad to see you back posting too.
  11. by   firstaiddave907
    after my hernia surgery they gave me Dilaudid and it made me feel like i was in la la land but it helped with my pain though they gave me two shots of it after surgery and then the doctor gave me a prescription for it.
  12. by   bethin
    Well, shoot. Guess I've been using the wrong drugs. I don't know if my dealer sells dilaudid though. Won't hurt to ask. Think it's more expensive than demerol? I'm on a tight budget.

    Seriously, the next time I'm begging the nurse to kill me because I'm in so much pain from Crohn's I might have to ask for that. Last time I was crying and begging the nurse to do something and she said my pain must have been bad 'cause she's never seen me whine or cry.