Did you find LOVE on the job?

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    I debated on wether I should post this :uhoh21: but thought it would be cute to find out if any of you met a doctor, other nurse, patient, visitor, etc... on the job and dated or married him/her!!!!

    Let's hear your "hospital romance" story


    ( no flames here!! I know alot of you are too busy to even think about it on the job, I also know some of you hate doctors, hehehe... but I'm sure there are some stories out there )
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  3. by   tonchitoRN
    i did meet my husband at work. wish i had a cute story to share but i don't.
    be careful about dating someone from work. if it does not work out remember you still have to see that person at work.
    also, in my state it is illegal to date a patient.
  4. by   Chiaramonte
    I also met my husband on the job.
    I was a new orientee for a critical care fellowship
    on a trauma-neuro ICU. He couldn't be missed on arrival for my first day to the unit. He looked like Grizzley Adams at 6'7" and over 300 lbs. I was impressed with the contrast of size his versus
    the kindness and gentility he was showing a 91 year old 4' nothing lady who was his patient.
    It turned out that this man was to be my preceptor, friend and years later my husband.
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  5. by   RN2B2005
    Yup. My husband and I met on the job--in a veterinary hospital, not a human hospital. He was taken by my charming demeanor and ability to wrestle angry Rottweilers, I guess. A radiology tech I worked with also married a patient--he sent flowers and a card to "The Pretty MRI Girl" about two weeks after she saw him.

    Ditto on the "be careful dating someone you work with" sentiment, though. We went to great lengths to avoid being seen together by co-workers; we did such a good job that one of our doctors told Tom (my husband) that he thought I had a crush on him. It was all Tom could do to avoid bursting out laughing.

    It worked out well for us, but we made sure that if it hadn't worked out, we could still work together.
  6. by   Tweety
    I didn't meet my partner at work, but the fact he was a nurse caused an introductioin at a party because the mutual acquaintance thought we might have something in common.
  7. by   renerian
    I did meet him at work. He is an RN also. We talk the same lingo.

  8. by   AmiK25
    I met my husband at work! I was a phelbotomist (full-time college student) and he was the cytologist in our lab. We didn't even really ever talk at work, but one night a group of us went out for dinner and drinks and he was so funny and we got along really well!! Pretty much after that we were inseparable and we got engaged 4 months later. But, I had to quit my job when we got engaged (even though we technically worked different shifts...there was an hour overlap) because a husband and wife couldn't work in the same department at the same time!! It was worth it though!
  9. by   CCL"Babe"
    My husband tested my CPR class.
  10. by   NsgTiger
    Ohhh, there is hope for me. Maybe I will find love at work...'cause I'm sure not finding it anywhere else!
  11. by   TX Guy
    I had a thing at work once.

    I hope I NEVER do it agian!

    But good luck anyway.

  12. by   hapeewendy
    NOPE !
    and dont plan on it either

    workplace politics are bad enough without adding love/hormones into the mix..

    when I was starting nursing school I worked in a restaurant and had someone who kinda liked me I guess and well it was very uncomfortable for me , maybe it was just cuz he was a tad psycho, I suppose , I mean if , I met someone normal at work *unlikely hah* Then I wouldnt exactly say no right away to the idea of possibly seeing a person, but I really really dont think its a good idea for the most part
    dont let my liddle opinion disuade you though, everyone deserves love, no matter where you find it.
  13. by   hoolahan
    Nope, just lust! And a few offers to put me into "vaginal fibrillation!" Mostly just harmless flirting.
  14. by   Gardengal
    My husband and I met at work over the xerox machine in the copy room. He was the receiving/distribution coordinator and I was a a new nursing manager at the hospital. The receiving window was directly across from the copy room , and he enjoyed watching me get frustrated with that lousy machine. He tells me that I was thought to be standoffish and stuck up in those days (meanwhile I was just nervous in my new job and wanting to do well) and he just HAD to mess with me! (I learned a lot about how to present myself from this experience)

    It was pretty common for me to get frustrated over that copy machine (It was ridiculous-I could operate 4 kinds of heart monitors, intraaortic balloon pumps, ventilators, the computer system, my tempermental car, or anything else-but that copy machine defeated me every time! )

    He decided to come across the hall and help me and tease me-and actually said that the xerox machine reponded to him because it was female...I of course got irritated and intrigued with him at the same time.

    We dated for a while, then ended up friends. Several years later-having left that hospital we ended up getting together again as a couple and married almost 5 years ago. Strangely enough he is now in nursing school. He gave me a home copy machine as a gift 6 years ago. I still call out for him when the paper jams, and he is the one who changes the toner!
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