Did I just eat one of my own???

  1. Last nite I had 8 patients and got "burried" about 2 hrs into the shift. I had 3 very bad patients that needed alot of attention.The charge nurse had NO patients, which I didn't know till about 5am, and knew I needed some help. There were blood draws that needed done thru out the shift, ckmb, ptt's ect. that had to be done at specefic times and we had no phlebo. when I realized the charge nurse had no patients, i asked her if she would do my blood draws and she just looked at me with that "deer in the headlight look", and asked why I couldn't do the draws. I was livid when she said "NO". At that point I told her that I remembered when she was a floor nurse, she used to complain about the same thing, charge nurse wouldn't help her, and told her she was turning into the same type of charge nurse....lazy. She told me she didn't have to help, that it was my job, not hers. There were words exchanged and she did do 2 of the draws, but left the others for when a phlebo came in. My question is, if a charge nurse doesn't have patients and doesn't do anythiing all nite to help, should she have rolled her sleeves up and helped. I have never had this problem with the other charge nurses. I was going to say something to the director of the dept, but opted not to because she doesn't have any "tact" and would have made matters worse
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  3. by   mageean
    What happened to "team-work". Even the captain is part of and leads the team
    Frustrating indeed.

    Do they have to help you? No.

    Is it a nice gesture of support and teamwork if they show that they remember how to roll up their sleaves and help? Yes.

    It is this theory, along with consistency, that I judge a charge nurse/supervisor by.

    Hope your next shift is better for you!

  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    another note... if she is CHARGE nurse, doesn't that mean that actually she is responsible for ALL of the patients? Even the ones in your care? Ultimately wouldn't it fall on her if orders weren't carried out? This is the way I have always thought of a charge nurse. So I think, YES, it WAS her responsibility to help.

    What exactly was she there FOR then? If not to help out?
  6. by   niteshiftnurse
    ShandylynnRN I guess that was my point.....WHAT IS SHE THERE FOR??????
  7. by   prmenrs
    I think you're right, she should've been helping all night long, or at least realized you were overloaded and shifted assignments. If that meant taking one or two herself, fine.

    IMHO, charge nurses need to check periodically to see if every one is managing their assignments ok; sometimes doing even a couple of tasks for you. Like blood draws. And doing them w/ocomments like Why can't YOU do it?! If you could, you wouldn't have asked. duh.
  8. by   niteshiftnurse
    One other thing I forgot to mention. I also had an admission and was told to do the admission and she would sign it. even though I am an LPN and according to SBN, that is not in my scope of practice.
  9. by   llg
    From the way you have described the situation, it sounds obvious that she is totally in the wrong and you are totally in the right. However, I wonder what what her side of the story is. Most situations are not that clear-cut in real life.

    Did she really just sit around with her feet up all night? or did she have other tasks to do of which you are not aware? I hate to condemn this person without hearing/reading a balanced account of the events. Not that I don't believe you, Angiebruno. It's just that there may be some things about the situation that you don't know about. As you describe the situation, her behavior sounds so blatantly unreasonable as to be ridiculous -- as if she did absolutely no work all night. If she never does ANY work, then the rest of the staff must be fed up with her, too. As a group, you could probably address that issue in some way.

    Just wondering...
  10. by   niteshiftnurse
    the many i had to go ask her about things, she really wasn't doing anything. I don't know what she was doing in between as i was toooooo busy to notice. i'm not trying to throw her to the wolves, but this isn't the first time this has happened. has happened with other nurses also
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    That is a wrong way to use the phrase "eating one's own/young". Being honest and forthright and complaining when someone is unhelpful/rude is NOT "eating our young". That phrase is getting WAY too much air-time anymore. You were right, I believe. She was selfish and unhelpful and a NON-team player. THAT is the situation as I see it, anyhow.
  12. by   cindyln
    A good question,why was she there? I was charge nurse today and the only nurse on my ward. I guess I was in charge of myself! LOL She was ultimately responsible for things getting done and as far as the admission assessment that was her job with her being the RN. You need to say something about this and not let it go.
  13. by   niteshiftnurse
    i want to thank everyone for their input. I feel better now that i have gotten different opinions. you are all great
  14. by   caroladybelle
    I think that the charge nurse was probably the one doing the eating......