Dermatology question - am I paranoid?

  1. Heya Folks,
    I have a kinda strange question...

    For about 6 months I've had these small red dots (petechiae?)appearing on my abdomen, and ONLY on my abdomen. They are only slightly raised fron the skin and range in size from barely noticable to about 1mm. They are bright red. They do not itch.

    I have no fleas in my apt (and if so, why only my abdomen?) nor do I believe it is a contact dermatitis (what touches my abdomen but nowhere else?)

    I'm prolly being silly but anyone think I could be concerned?
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  3. by   hoolahan
    I never think anyone is nuts when it comes to dermatology, so many weird things!!

    Try a look here... I like this link

    These are the links I use, they may be on the last thing I looked up, so just back-track if so to home
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Vettech - you are a student graduating soon, right? Is there a student health center associated with your college? Why don't you go and have them take a look at it while your health care is still uber cheap? It will ease your mind, at least. That stuff can be so many things, most of it pretty benign, but it would make you feel better to just know.