Depression and anti-depressants

  1. I have noticed as I read through here that many of us are on anti-depressants for many reasons, but my question is this....what are you on? Dosage......what side effects have you you feel you could be without them? I may think of other questions later and anyone else who has questions feel free to post them.

    I went on Zoloft while I was pregnant with my daughter.....hubby refused to work and didn't want the baby....basically made life hell...hit on. I couldn't handle the stress and the doctor put me on zoloft and in therapy to help through my was also a very rough pregnancy. I went off of them after she was a few months old. Hubby and I split up and it was just depressed....started dating a wonderful depressed.....moved in together.....kept trying to push him depressed......anyone see a pattern? Oh yes....wanted to hurt my children with mood swings and anger problems. He refused to leave and went with me to my doctor.....she put me back on Zoloft and also Trazidone to help me sleep....could not sleep at all. I try to go off of the meds every now and then, but hubby says it is not a good idea......he sees the changes before I do and i can't seem to get off of them.
    My family also has mother is a manic depressive with bipolar disorder and grandmother also had problems....I am beginning to think I will be on them for the rest of my life.....
    Side sex drive whatsoever.......only major one I have noticed, but it is a hard one to deal with. I also am tired at times and have gained some weight with which the doctor is worried please share with me......she is thinking of changing my meds and i wonder how others are fairing with some of the other anti-depressants out there.......

    Thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   live4today
    ((((Robin)))) I take Celexa...been taking it almost 2 wonders for me...didn't rob me of my sex drive, but have gained weight on them. I can deal with the extra weight for now...until I go off of them...rather be on them with a little extra weight on me than to not be on them and be sooooooo depressed like I was before taking Celexa. Zoloft and Paxil didn't work for me, but Celexa is fantastic! Ask your doctor if you can try Celexa and see if it works for you, too. :kiss
  4. by   duckie
    I'm taking 20mg. Paxil a day and 1mg of Xanax BID. I've never felt better. Have lost 21 pounds in 7 weeks and my DH says he needs some Viagra to keep up with me. The only side effect I have noticed is that sometimes I have so much energy I feel like I'm gonna lift off. That's why I take the Xanax, to keep me grounded.
  5. by   adrienurse
    I take Paxil 40mg OD. I was having a lot of difficulty with anxiety and stress management. I was depressed to, but I didn't see it as that. Origionally was at 20 mg but titrated up. Do not, I repeat do NOT, allow an MD to increase the dosage too quickly (ie from 20 to 40) no matter what shape you are in. Needs to be done gradually over time. I remember being in side-effedt hell for a week last year when I followed the advice of the doctor. I couldn't take care of myself, was diasphoretic +++, I had constant dry mouth and didn't know what to do with myself.

    Feeling much better now after having taken it for a year in a half.
    Sex drive needs a little more work than before. But we do what we have to do.
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Brings to mind a song by the Rolling Stones called "Mothers Little Helper"

    And though she's not really ill
    There's a little yellow pill
    She goes running to the shelter
    of her mothers little helper
    and it helps her on her way
    through her busy, busy day

    Doctor please, some more of these
    she's due for more

    Things just aren't the same today
    I hear every mother say
    the persuit of happiness is just a bore
    and if you take more of those
    you will get an overdose
    No more running to the shelter
    of her mothers little helpers
    And it helps you on your way
    Through your busy, dying day

    >>>>wasn't that a hard core song for the time, back in the 60's.
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    started w/ st john's wort, which worked well at first, but then seemed to lose its efficacy...then my doc started me on paxil..KILLED my sex drive..and i also got very sore, very inflamed, very cracked corners of my mouth..did find this somewhere listed as a SE, not a very common one,but listed nontheless.. anyway, been on celexa 40mg @hs for ..i think 2's great...makes me sleepy so i take it at hs...gave me very intense, very colorful dreams about regular everyday activities for about 6's great though. i can actually say i like myself now..never could've said that before.... have been depressed forever...then was Dx'd with UC....this was all compounding and causing me stress..trouble at work..minor car accident which took me out of work with bad muscle strains for over a month...but now i am pretty darn good....
    thank goodness for Rx cards though...would never be able to afford my meds!!!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    This is an interesting thread as I have been struggling with anxiety and depression the last year or wreck/surgery/ pain......minor bouts of it through the years that cleared up but this time it is not. (family history doesn't help, does it?)

    I'll take a mini poll here: What is a good anti depressant with relaxing properties that is also reasonable in price?? My doc just put me on Remeron which I don't it's 150 bucks a month and I'm having problems with my insurance carrier paying so I can't handle such expensive drugs...

    I liked Prozac but 20 mg seemed to stop helping after 6 months or so....perhaps an increased dose is in order.

    Is Celexa expensive Renee?? I have heard good things about it...

    Oh...gotta add husband's RX for depression is always...(guess).... SEX....but then of course that seems to be his RX for EVERYTHING the little darlin'. Hehehe
  9. by   hiker
    Prozac, even at 10 mg., made me more anxious and sleepless! 20 mg sent me into TOTAL insomnia! Trying Paxil 20 mg past month. Sex drive is there, but unable to have orgasm. Never had this problem before. I am hoping this is temporary- and am wondering if it's just because I knew the side effects! Anyone know if this side effect will go away? If not, I will stop taking it! I was very reluctant to try meds, anyway, and had tried literally everything I could do- (walking, weights, chamomile tea, meditation, music, yoga.. etc.), prior to giving in to taking meds. Thanks for bringing up this subject!
  10. by   nursejws
    You Celexa users haven't had a problem with your sex drive?? Hubby was on Celexa and his sex drive was ZERO - he quit taking it and it picked back up. I've got some anxiety problems and started taking Celexa (hubby had some freebies from his dr) and my sex drive seems null and void! Celexa is not on the list of meds my insurance will cover, so I'm again with out.

    My Dad was on Paxil (anxiety) and I've asked for it but never get it.
  11. by   adrienurse
    Meds are very expensive. I'm talking $117/mo canadian = ~$65/mo US. Isn't that just criminal.
  12. by   Robin61970
    Thanks for sharing......I know that when I was without insurance for a couple of months I went off my meds......after 6 weeks hubby borrowed money from his mom to get mine though,LOL.......I couldn't afford them if not for insurance....I think my 50 mg of zoloft were 85 or so.....
    Is there a difference in mgs needed of certain meds? What I mean by that is that I though 50 was alot when seeing the 10 and 20 others are on, but when speaking to people on zoloft versus others.....zoloft starts out at 25 mg while others start out much lower.....50 after 2 years I don't think is bad.......I do worry about body getting used to it though.....
  13. by   l.rae
    I struggle with anxiety/depression off/on, years ago when life was in total upheaval, Prozac was relativly new on the market...went on it with good results...have been off/on it since, tried some others cause I was having HORRIBLE hot flashes. I have known several females who have been on it and assumed they were approaching change of sx's dissapeared when med D/C'd...for me the cure was worse than illness. I would be standing over a pt. with an IV needle and dripping sweat. I even took to tucking small ice packs in my scrubs...Anyway, I started the low carb diet and increased my exersise and my sx's are abating.......LR

    ps. all other sri's I have tried have had same effect...I was thinking of trying Welbutrin....anyone with exp. on this drug????
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  14. by   formernurse
    I took Welbutrin to help quit smoking. It really helped, but made me a bit anxious. For those concerned with sex drive, Welbutrin does not have that side effect.

    Have been on Effexor for about 5 years for my depression, and find it the best one I've taken over the years.