December 1, 2005!!!!!

  1. Can it really be true? No one has started the Good Morning Thread and it is 10:13 p.m. on the west coast??

    Well, Happy Thursday!

    I attended a going away party for one of our docs tonight. Drove through a snow storm to get there - slid off the road and took out a reflector pole and hopefully didn't do any damage to the pickup. And I was in 4-wheel drive!

    The party was great - nice conversation, good wine, great food. Snow falling softly outside.

    Now, sitting here eating "Goldfish" crackers and drinking wine.

    Countdown to Christmas seems more serious now that December is here.

    I'm not making breakfast - someone who comes after can do that.


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  3. by   suebird3
    steph...yer on yer own for breakfast. i just dragged my tail feathers in from work. i just wanna sleep! i had to post some, though. and seeing as no-one else replied to the thread...i decided to. everyone else is sleeping on the job........

    so...have a good one, folks!

  4. by   GPatty
    Got up early to study and haven't cracked a book gonna tho real soon as I finish this.

    It's 27 outside this AM, and we're expecting snow today...guess I shouldn't be too upset, cause of Christmas and all...why do I never seem to have enough money to go around at this time of the year? That's the upsetting want more and more, and I am so broke! LOL!

    Well, let me go get started and get another cuppa coffee and let my pup in.
    I'll chat with ya'll later on!
    Have a great day!

    Steph~ I'm glad you're, you've reached your limit already for this more taking out reflector poles!

    Nite Suebird!
  5. by   Katnip
    Good morning everyone!

    Steph, I don't need breakfast this morning. Too much of a hurry. I'll try to catch some at work. Glad you were okay.

    Sue, I wasn't sleeping, I was showering. :wink2: Get some rest.

    Julie, I saw the puppy pics yesterday. They're adorable. As for kids wanting more, my son handed us two catalogs yesterday and said that was his Christmas list. He was kidding, of course. Just asked that if we can, get him something out of one of them.

    Of two work this morning after I feed our "livestock." I work today and next Wednesday and that's it. Hard to believe.

  6. by   donsterRN
    I'm off to clinicals here in a few minutes; just wanted to say Good Morning! It's 30 F right now, pitch black outside, but clear. And now that it's December, like Steph, I can begin the Christmas countdown! Gotta find the CD's later...

    You all have a great day! Be blessed.


  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Morning everyone,

    Nothing much going on here. December is finally here and the new year approaches fast (sigh)...........

    Will check in later. Have a wonderful day
  8. by   jnette

    Yep.. thirty degrees here, looks and smells like snow is on the way !

    I have this picture from Webshots blown up as my current pc wallpaper, and it is really neat.

    Steph.. glad you didn't get hurt... do be careful out in that stuff. I liked the new photo in the gallery. Your boys are so very handsome.

    Don, I'm like you.. time to get out the Christmas CDs.

    Kat, have a good one. I know it's going to feel wierd for you not working, but I think you are doing just what you need to do, considering all.

    Hi there, Jess. Stay warm where you are.

    Julie.. will have to go look at puppy pics now. :wink2:

    Suebird, put the cover over your cage and get some sleep !

    As for me, I'm going to refill my coffee cup and start tackling my chores for today. Get them done early. Just some housecleaning and laundry. I might even twist my arm to bring up a few decorations from the basement.. at least hang a wreath on the door for starters.

    Catch you all later !

    Oh.. BREAKFAST !!! How about some crisp bacon, eggs anyway you like them, toast and jelly, and a pan of fried potatos... crispy brown on the outside, soft and tasty inside. Assortment of juices and a pot of piping hot coffee.

    Take it or leave it and go hungry.
  9. by   Tweety
    Good morning. It's a chilly 70 in the house, so I know it's probably in the upper 50s outside.

    Everyone has a great day!
  10. by   live4today
    gut morgen....good morning....buenos dias...and all that jazz!

    tis the season for snow, and it has been coming down in record flakes this morning. it's sticking, too. the kids had a ball playing around in the snow while they waited for the school bus this morning. i wanted to join them, but i'm in me jammies still. :d it would be nice to get enough snow so i can go outside with them after they get home from school and build a snowman with them...make some angels in the snow, build an igloo, throw snowballs at them. :snowman1: i'm a big ol' kid at heart. i never wanna grow up in that respect. :icon_mrgr and it's soooooo cold too. i'm sitting here shivering in me jammies and robe. wanted to get on the 'puter before sil wakes up and realizes "he wants to use it". :icon_chee

    jnette...thanks for the dee-li-cious breakfast! that's my kind of eatin' in the morning if someone else cooks it for me.

    (((((((don))))))) i posted you a message on yesterday's thread. didn't get to read it until this morning due to my busy day yesterday, and sil hogging the 'puter all day. have a good one today, buddy! :icon_hug:

    (((((((steph))))))) i am so glad to hear you didn't get hurt in your auto mishap last night. :icon_hug: better the reflector pole than you.

    to everyone i didn't personally address, and those to have a blessed and safe day today. :icon_hug:

    [font=impact]as for my day...hope to do some job hunting again. i applied online last evening for a job. it wasn't a nursing job though, but at least it's a job. i may not leave for texas prior to january 1st since dd in tx is going to spend the holidays with her dad in dallas since they didn't go anywhere thanksgiving. so, i told her i'd stay put where i'm at until the time is right. now, if i land a job here, i'm staying here. makes perfect sense to me. i'm also researching starting my own business. i believe in free enterprise, and i want to make my mark in that market....sooner than later. oh if i'd only been wiser as a youth, i'd be living better today. the "web we weave"...and for many of us it is also "the web we wove" that trapped us into a state of financial poverty....
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  11. by   jnette
    Morning, Renee !!!

    DH is cooking that breakfast as I type.. and loaf.. and sip my coffee.

    LOVE it !!!

    That's ok.. the first load of laundry is done, and I vaccumed the house while he was still in the bed. So there.

    Oh.. by the way.. that font you used was waaaaaay overbearing, and actually hurt my eyes reading it ! :uhoh21:
    Just a gentle hint. :kiss

    Hope you manage to land a job soon, Renee. ANY job will work, when we are in dire straits. No time to be picky, eh?

    OK.. time to make the beds, now that dh is up out of his.
  12. by   live4today
    hi jnette

    i went back and changed the font of my previous post. is it okay now? thanks for bringing it to my attention. i never know how my fonts look to others, so please....always feel free to share with me when my fonts or anything else i post is too unbearable to the eyes. luv ya! :kiss
  13. by   jnette
    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    hi jnette

    i went back and changed the font of my previous post. is it okay now? thanks for bringing it to my attention. i never know how my fonts look to others, so please....always feel free to share with me when my fonts or anything else i post is too unbearable to the eyes. luv ya! :kiss

    far better, renee ! thank you !!!

    ok,, that b'fast is ready ! gotta go eat !
  14. by   live4today
    Quote from jnette
    Far better, Renee ! Thank you !!!

    OK,, that b'fast is READY ! Gotta go eat !
    Good! BTW....where is MY plate? Huh? Huh? stingy....I'm off to fix me OWN brkfst then shower....sil is UP and ready to take over the 'puter from me. BWAAAAA! Hope he won't be on it alllllll day like he was yesterday. Be back when the puter is free again.