debit card story gets worse...

  1. Today I checked my records for the day I originally gave him the card to put gas in my car. He took $100 on that day as well. Now I have proof. I wish I would have known this last night. I went to his house to pick up the cell phone and some stuff I had there. He got very angry, insisted that I leave, kept denying it over and over. Now I'm going to go after him about the $100, since he can't very well deny that. I'm going to be his worst nightmare, I swear to god. If I had seen the $100 right away I could have stopped the card. If I had stopped the card on Thanksgiving when I found it missing I wouldn't have been out all this money. If I had gotten up 1 hour earlier on Friday, I could have saved myself $200.00. When does it stop? What will I find out next? And he had the NERVE to be angry that I'm taking his phone away because he had flyers and bus. cards made up with this phone number. I'm out $700.00 and he's *****ing about printing costs?????
    That's all.
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  3. by   essarge
    Of course he's angry! He got caught! How's that saying go?


  4. by   craff1
    It's time to move on. I had a counselling appointment today. We are focusing on why I've made such bad decisions in relationships in my life and what warning signs I should have paid closer attention to. We will talk about how to make better decisions for myself in the future. As for now, I will be hanging out here and with my girlfriends for a while. I'm taking a break from men to recover from this ordeal. I know I said I'm going to keep contacting him, but I was just mad. Today I decided to be done with it.
    I started a new volunteer position today at a veterinary hospital. The doc was very nice to me, let me come into the exam room with him and help w/ procedures. I correctly diagnosed (in my head of course), a blown ACL, and a cat with herpes. He discussed his medication choices with me and explained his preferences. I will go home and look up the meds so I know more about them. It was a good start.
    I'm just trying to think of positive things. I keep thinkin of the grinch that stole christmas. Even though there were no gifts and no roast "beast" the Who's in Whoville still stood and sang on Christmas. That's what I'm going to do too. I'm just going to sing and be greatful for all I have, including you folks who have been so supportive and helpful through this.

    Thank you all,
  5. by   thisnurse
    sounds like you are on your way to recovering from this horrible ordeal. you will be fine...its just the waiting to heal thats the hard part.

    heres hoping that when he is back in jail he makes a new friend named
  6. by   nurs4kids
    hmpf. I resent that "bubba" comment! lol
  7. by   essarge
    Have you heard anymore from the police on this matter? Did they get him on video?
  8. by   thisnurse your secret name bubba?
  9. by   craff1
    Hey there,
    No, the police are waiting to see if the bank will insure the money (they probably won't according to the bank manager because I had previously told him the pin). If the bank doesn't replace the money, they will not automatically turn their evidence over to the police, if the police don't have the evidence they will probably not investigate. Even if the police do investigate, they tell me that the DA only charges solid cases, so it probably will not go to court. I am working on having him arrested on an outstanding warrent. He may get out pronto, but if he goes to jail he will lose his social security (which he shouldn't get anyway since he works under the table). Also if it's a felony warrant, it'll be his 3rd strike. The attendance clerk at one of the schools I work at used to be a sherrif. She said she will try to pull some strings to have him arrested. (The warrants division said they will not pick him up if it's a misdimeanor -sp- and I had to get his birthdate to find out). What goes around comes around. He hasn't heard the last from me yet!
  10. by   essarge
    If you can't press criminal charges there is always civil court. Talk to a lawyer and see what you can do in that respect!
  11. by   craff1
    My friend had ran his record for me, apparently he cleared up that warrant or the guy dropped the charges. Got the cell phone bill - $300.00. I'll never see that either, I'm up to $1000 now.
  12. by   craff1
    since I previously gave him the pin, it's my word against his that he stole the card. it wouldn't stand up in court.