Dear Grandma

  1. Dear Grandma, I was sitting here today whiling away a rainy spring afternoon and I looked over at the picture of you and me on my capping day. You were so proud of me that day, and I thought my heart would burst with happiness. You told me you were so proud that one of your girls was becoming a nurse. And grandma, I remember my graduation day when you sat there with all of the family and watched me get my pin. I was so happy that day in my new white uniform with my school cap on. You gave me a card with a message inside, it said ," I'm so very proud of you", Love, Grandma. But you know grandma, it's not the same as that day. No time anymore to hold a hand or soothe a scared patient. It's not like when you were a pratical nurse, everything has changed. Now the nurses spend their days worrying about if they can do everything for their patients and hope when they get home they can sleep. Sleepless nights when they lay there and try to think if they did everything they should have. It's all about profits now. Insurance companies and ceo's rule the day, when valet parking is more important than enough nurses to take care of the patients. Yes Grandma, everything is so different than in your day. But Grandma,can you look over all my collegues while they are at work? They need an angel in heaven to look after them. They are getting so sad Grandma, they are getting so they just don't know what to do anymore. All people can say is "why didn't you do what I want right now?" So Grandma, be the angel on their shoulder at work, and help them to sleep at night. And Grandma, please tell God to bless them too.

    Your Grandaughter
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  3. by   duckie
    This brought tears to my eyes. Many years ago, my Gramma was placed in a nursing facility far away from me. I was raised by her till I was 12 years old and it broke my heart that she was so far away from me. So I sorta developed a way of dealing with it by promising myself that I would be the very best nurse I could be, loving each Grandma and Grandpa admitted to my facility, as though they were my own. And I prayed that God would place this same feeling into the hearts of the nurses and other staff caring for my Gramma, because she was once a very dear Christian lady. When Gramma died, I was uplifted to see the staff that was caring for her. They shed tears with us, they comforted us, you could tell they loved her, even though she was not the gentle sweet lady I grew up with. Alzheimers had changed her so much but I truly felt that God had answered my prayers, so I do my best to give all the love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding to the family members of others, in the memory of my dear Christian Gramma, that is in Heaven watching down on me. I really feel, what goes around, comes around, and I live each day, trying to make a difference and to thank God that he did send good caring folks to love her and take care of her even when I was so far away and could not.
  4. by   NurseNelly
    realnurse and duckie, God bless ya'll. The elderly need loving, caring nurses/people. Keep up the good work. I was a quitter, but this site is generating a desire to get back into the trenches.
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    nothing to say to this one.....

  6. by   Cubby
    Thank you. That was so beautiful. I know your grandma is very proud of you!
  7. by   judy ann
    Grandmas, and grandpas for that matter are very special people. Mine raised me till I was seven, and formed the person that I have become. I think of them every day although they have been in Heaven for many years. Both of the posts above made me cry. ( That's okay, I cry easily, but they really touched me. ) I have done some LTC and my favorite residents often are those with Altzheimers. They are a challnge, but if you can get their confidence, you can have no better friend. God bless all the grandmas and grandpas. :angel2:
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