Dancing with the Stars

  1. Ok, so I heard about a programme in the US called 'Dancing with the Stars'. We have something similar here in the UK, called 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I've been hooked on it and we just had the final programme last week. On Xmas Eve, UK TV is scheduling a 'dance-off' between the winners of the US series versus the winners of the UK series. I read in the news that the top 3 couples from the US were invited to participate but only Rachel Hunter and Evander Holyfield accepted the challenge. Who were the other celebrities? And what did y'all think of the show? Anybody as hooked as I am? My Saturday evenings won't be the same again now the series has ended How sad am I? :imbar
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Hooked, hooked, hooked .

    The others were John O'Hurley (from Seinfeld), Joey McIntyre (from New Kids on the Block) Kelly Monaco (soap opera actress) and Trista somebody or other from the Bachelor/The Bachelorette.

    There's a new season coming out in January of it with new stars. I understand George Hamilton is going to be on! Check out the abc.com website for more info.

    It's OK - we'll have our own little 12 step program .
  4. by   dianah
    I didn't catch the first few episodes but once I watched it, I was hooked as well! Very, very fun! And I loved John O'Hurley's comment about it being for families to watch, which was why he enjoyed doing the show so much.

    It was good entertainment, although they did over -- or, rather, under-do things in Kelly's costume department, IMO.

    I'm anxious to see the new session!
  5. by   suzanne4
    I was definitely hooked as well, and will be watching the new one as well.
    TLC ( The Learning Channel) also has a series called Ballroom Bootcamp, that is on Friday nights at 10 pm Pacific Time. They take three everyday people and pair them up with professional dancers, and they train for five weeks, then dance in a sanctioned competion in the end. Amazing to see the difference in them at the end of the five weeks. So far all have been chosen from the LA area.
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    I haven't seen it only heard about it. Sounds good.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Stopped watching it soon as i found out Ms. Monacco "posed" in Playboy.
  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    Wonder who will get knocked off tonight? My money is on Tatum O'Neal, altho P. Miller appears to WANT to be kicked out.
  9. by   VeryPlainJane
    OMG....I bet y'all like Circus Of The Stars too!
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    "P"'s attitude stinks on ice, and he makes Evander Holyfield (from last season) look like Fred Astaire. That childish, "I am what I am and I'm not gonna change for nobody" got old really fast. I hope he gets dumped tonight, even though I feel sorry for his partner Ashly. My personal favorites are Giselle Fernandez (her rumba last night was hot, hot, hot!!) and that lady wrestler, I forget her name. I'm also rooting for Jerry Rice---he's got a lot of heart, and those swiveling hips of his are pretty dang sexy

    I think both Lisa Rinna and Tia Carrere are doing a better job than they are being given credit for. George Hamilton, I'm afraid, has lost his mojo (did he ever really have it to begin with?) although he did look rather dapper last night. Tatum O'Neal's first performance was gorgeous, but last night's was lackluster at best, and she's another one who needs to lose the attitude. As for Drew Lachey, I don't think it's entirely fair that he's even IN the competition since he was a singer/dancer to start with......but he is awfully good out there on that floor, even though he hasn't done ballroom before.

    I'm about ready to go out and take Latin dancing lessons myself, it looks like SO much fun, and great exercise to boot! I was waiting until I lost 100 pounds, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon so I might as well have fun NOW. I was a dancer way back in high school, and I used to spend hours and hours practicing; to this day, whenever I play certain types of music (Spanish guitar especially), I'll catch myself starting to dance and sway to the beat......it's irresistible, and if I weren't aware of how silly I must look doing it, I'd probably get back into dancing.

    Oh well.....
  11. by   dianah
    Marla, I say go for it!! One of the case mgrs at work took up dancing lessons (which turned out to be really expensive!) and lost lots of weight (I think she practiced 2-3 hr/night!).

    I'm sure Arthur Murray lessons would be pricey, but what about the Y? They might hold classes. Also, some years ago I took Jazzercise classes, which were fun, done to music, and not outrageously expensive.

    Do what you enjoy doing!!

    D/t class I'm taking on Thurs nites, I'm unable to watch the show. Would someone mind giving a recap? I'll check it out online, but your take on it means a lot to me, too. Thanks!
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    I gotta confess..........after writing about it, I went downstairs, put on some of my most sensual Latin music, and danced for almost half an hour!!! Didn't know I had that much stamina---I was 'glowing' like a horse after I finally pooped out, but it felt GREAT!!

    Maybe I've hit on something........after all, when it's just me and the music, it doesn't matter that I'm 300 pounds, it doesn't matter if I'm good, and it sure as hell doesn't matter that I'd look ridiculous doing this anywhere but my bedroom. For a short time, I felt limber, I felt sexy, and I was having FUN!

    Results show is on in 15 minutes. Good-night all!
  13. by   dianah
    WOOT Marla!! You go!! I'm sure you GOTTA have more rhythm sense than me, with your dance background, even as remote as it is!! Good for you!

  14. by   dianah
    I just googled it and found quite the chatty site about last night's performances, kind of a "hooked on media" site, lol! Anyway, at least I got a re-cap. Bottom three in their opinion: P, Tatum O'Neal and Tia. We'll see what the votes show.