Dachshund vs. Jack Russell Terrier - Help us decide

  1. Trying to decide which breed of dog to get. The family's narrowed it down to wiener dog or Jack Russell. If any of you have experience with either or both, we'd love some feedback! FYI - as far as home life for the new pup, we have a large fenced in yard, it will mostly be inside with us, the family consists of me (1 year of nursing school left), husband, & 2 kids - 4 & 7. I've thought of lots of pros for both. Wiener dog con is back problems, terrier con is hyperness. Anyone want to add to the list? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    I think I'd go with the JRT. They are very smart little doggies. The daschundts tend to be a little snappy. Your kids aren't little bitty, but the weiner dogs just really do well when they have ALL the attention. Like a family with a couple of teenage girls are really good for the daschundts. They like being the baby.

    Best luck with your new family member. JRTs really are very hyper, but the have a personality that is just endearing. JMHO


    I love my JRT! He's a smart little doggie! He can be hyper, but he's awesome in the house, and he knows when he's suposed to be good. He's a little spastic when we get company, but he calms down quickly.

    But I'd never let him outside of our backyard without a leash. I don't think I'd ever get him back.
  5. by   baseline
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  6. by   kittyw
    A weiner dog that is not pure breed can be a great dog.... just make sure the yippiness is not there.

    And don't give them any coffee.
  7. by   AmyLiz
    I've never met a Dachshund I didn't like!

    Jack Russells are waaaay too hyper for me. But they are very cute!
    Dood... my JRT is only hyper for guests, or when I say "squirrel" or "outside." Other than that, he's my lovey dovey boy.
  9. by   BadBird
    I vote for the weiner dog, I have a mix of weiner and retriever. I would love a weiner dog someday.
  10. by   Jay-Jay
    In my experience, Jackies can be very aggressive. Our neighbour's dog attacked our German Shepherd, who was strolling by on the leash, just minding her own business (not even on the Jackie's property.) My dog book says that any other household pets are "endangered species" where the JR is concenred, and the "only acceptable four-footed companion is the horse."
  11. by   nessa1982
    My grandparents always had doxys when I was growing up. They were always male, brown, full sized and named Waldy. If you get a doxy get the regular sized kind (not minture or toy) the little ones seem to be too inbred and become retarded or something.

    Just make sure your kids give the dog some room and dont let them try to pick up a full grown doxy (I remember the neighbor kid tried that with my grandparents doxy and it snapped at her).

    Jack russels are great dogs too but are also snappy, maybe more so than the doxy.
    Both breeds are intelligent (except fot the above mentioned toy versions which are usually dumb as rocks) dogs but not the always best with kids (unless the kids can be nice to animals).
  12. by   Rhoresmith
    We have a JRT named Abby and she is great, they are very loving dogs. They have been discribed as a small dog in a with a big dogs attitude. They don't like any competition in the house for attention though. My daughter who we got the dog for has severe Migraine headaches (everyday) and we got the dog for her and when she is having a really bad headache the dog lays across the top of her head and stays in bed with her all day yet she is very hyper with my son because he plays with her rough. We love Abby and if something would happen to her would get another one in a minute. They are very smart and we have friends whose Jack climbed a chain-link fence so the advice about the leash is very good Good luck I vote for the Jack Russell


    Jack Russells are usually very healthy if you don't let them get overweight Abby is having knee problems and might need surgery but we don't know yet . the the doxies have more health problems than jacks though would go to some web sites and see what I could find thats how we decided on a jack
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  13. by   LilgirlRN
    I've had both, weinie dogs seem to be more snippy, Jacks can be way hyper but are sooooo smart. Get obedience training for whichever one you decide on.
  14. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Having been the proud owner of a JRT, I can attest to their intelligence and "bubbly" personality. However, they tend to single out one person in the family as their human and God help those that mess with that person. They tend to be a little ornery with those that are not their chosen one. They also tend to not handle disciplin very well, especially when coming from someone other than their chosen one....and will retaliate very spitefully. Because of their bubbly personality, they are prone to being chewers and will chew to retaliate in response to something that ticks them off. I was forced to give mine up to someone that loved him as much as I did and he lived to a fairly ripe old age until a nero problem forced the owner to put him to sleep

    Now my best friend has a weenie and he is great...very intelligent, gets along with her daughter (she is 3 y/o). She had the dog before the baby and her biggest battle was that the dog always wanted the recieving blanket and wanted to kiss the baby all the time. But that weenie would kill for that little girl....don't mess with his baby. Like any small dog he gets jealous when he is not the center of attention and will force himself into the foray to get the attention. She has a crate for the dog but I am unsure of how often she uses it. The weenie is also bubbly, even after being neutered....lol She had little trouble with chewing, but the dog has plenty of toys (my JR had oodles of toys but that made no difference to him...the brat! ) I would say you would be better with the weenie. There is less inbreeding than with the JRTs and I think would be a better all around family dog. But again....this is just my take on the debate. Good luck with what ever you choose.