Cute review of the elements

  1. The elements

    My daughter brought this url home from school. It made me smile.
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  3. by   Whisper
    very sweet, and educational as well
  4. by   Ted
    We use the same Gilbert and Sullivan song for "A Modern Glucocorticoid"!!

    The web site where "The Elements" can be found has a lot of funny animations! Check out this one:

    Flash Animation


  5. by   Ted
    This is for cat lovers only. . .

    A really touching and sentimental animation with song dedicated to a "cat" member of his family. . . I guess the cat's name was "Mopsey"???

    Sentimental Animation


  6. by   aimeee
    Glad you enjoyed it. He's quite a talented animator, isn't he? I looked at several, including the cat one, and want to go back and view the rest when I have a few more minutes. Thank you for identifying that as a Gilbert and Sullivan tune. I KNEW it was familiar!