Currupt politi

  1. Currupt politicians:

    I just had to quit. Too many to count just using Google & Yahoo
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    But all link and no context might be a bit overwhelming.

    but let me say this:
    (3rd link from the bottom above - I think it works on that post.)

    I don't think this is an example of corruption. The head of PBS is charged w/ making sure the gov't backed station is neutral - and we all know it isn't.

    Implementing changes to bring it into compliance with the law would be, in my opinion, CORRECTING a corruption.

    "In that letter, the two Democrats said that several recent actions by Tomlinson, a Republican, may have become "a source of political interference into public broadcasting" rather than "a shield" against such interference, as Congress intended in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967."

    So, 2 Dems on Capital Hill seem to be saying: it's ok for PBS to have a political opinion, so long as it's mine. Otherwise, it's a crime.

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    More links

    And the second from the bottom link in the original post is regarding the same situation.

    And from ousted Bill Moyers: -
    ..."Tomlinson, a staunch Republican, has launched a personal crusade aimed at "eliminating the perception of political bias" in PBS programs. He has covertly promoted right-wing programming and tried to install his political allies to CPB's board and executive offices. He even contracted an outside consultant to monitor Moyers' weekly PBS news program, "NOW with Bill Moyers," for signs of liberal bias."...


    A video of the speech is available at

    An audio recording can be downloaded at