Curise to Alaska

  1. I am looking for some advice/ info/ suggestions from anyone that's willing to share.

    I start grad school full time in the fall, which means two years of being broke for BF and I. Soooo, we are thinking of planning one last hoorah in the form of a vacation in late summer. The latest idea (and the one we're leaning toward) is a cruise to Alaska. Have any of you gone to Alaska on a cruise? Can you make any recommendations regarding cruise lines (good or bad!), accomodations, side trips, etc? Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer!
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  3. by   yodakelly
    Just trying to move this back up the list once more in case anyone new is around today that's been there. Has ANYONE been to alaska?!
  4. by   nursedawn67
    I don't know any of the info you need...sorry, but I can tell you a coworker went on a cruise to Alaska this year and she had a ball...sounds like alot of fun...good luck getting things together...and Have fun when you go!!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    No personal experience, but living near Seattle I know many who have done this and sing its praises to the heavens. The sightseeing is amazing, apparently. I say, go for it!
  6. by   Stargazer
    Everyone should see Alaska at least once. The scenery and wildlife are spectacular. It's not quite as convenient for flights, but I highly recommend you choose an itinerary that includes

    College Fjord

    and Hubbard Glacier . Truly breathtaking.
  7. by   RNonsense
    I did Alaska a few years ago and it was wonderful. Princess Cruises were amazing...we did the inside passage so we saw Sitka, Juneau, Glacier Bay, can take a helicopter up on a glacier and run around there for awhile. Worth every penny!
  8. by   yodakelly
    Thanks everyone! I appreciate your suggestions and thoughts!!
  9. by   PsychoRN
    I lived in Alaska for many years and recommend going on a cruise that not only goes to Southeast Alaska but goes to South Central Alaska, such as Seward, as well. Alaska is so diverse that just going to Southeast doesn't really capture what Alaska is all about.