CUBA? Protector of human rights?

  1. The UN is officially insane. For brevity's sake I erased most of the statement. Go to the link provided for the entire brief.

    Washington File

    29 April 2003
    Transcript: White House Press Briefing, April 29, 2003

    White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer briefed reporters.

    Following is a transcript of the briefing:

    (begin transcript)

    Office of the Press Secretary
    April 29, 2003



    Office of the Press Secretary
    April 29, 2003

    James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
    12:23 P.M. EDT

    And that is it for the President's public schedule. One announcement,
    and then I'll be happy to take your questions. Literally just a few
    moments ago, the United Nations voted to reelect Cuba to the Human
    Rights Commission. This is a setback for the cause of human rights.
    Cuba does not deserve a seat on the Human Rights Commission. Cuba
    deserves to be investigated by the Human Rights Commission. The action
    taken in the United Nations -- the Human Rights Commission at the
    United Nations comes upon, immediately upon Cuba's actions of rounding
    up 78 independent journalists, librarians and opposition leaders and
    sentencing them to 28 years in prison. Having Cuba serve again on the
    Human Rights Commission is like putting Al Capone in charge of bank
    security. It was an inappropriate action that does not serve the cause
    of human rights in Cuba or at the United Nations.

    And with that, I'm happy to take your questions. Tom.

    Q: Does the administration, does the President envision any kind of
    action that he might take in the United Nations to formally protest
    this seating of Cuba?

    MR. FLEISCHER: We deplore the action. We will speak out against the
    action. But this is an action taken by the United Nations through
    their Economic and Social Committee -- that was where the vote took
    place to reelect Cuba to the Commission. The action has been taken.
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  3. by   Mkue
    I will have to follow this story, thanks Furball. Looks like the White House is pretty hot about this.

    very interesting